History of a 24x7 Phone Answering Service

During the 1980s, Sylviane Herzog was an academic researcher in Psychobiology. After the death of her husband, she made the decision to chart a completely different course to support herself. In 1989, she opened a call center which has since evolved into Concorde Communications – a worldwide, world-class operation.

In 1991, she began a two-year partnership with the largest telecommunications company outside of the United States—Bell Canada—to explore the possibility of expanding Bell Canada's operations in the U.S. As a result of that alliance, Sylviane became quickly and expertly educated in the procedures and strategies necessary to establish a first-rate call center. Bringing to bear the skills she had exercised as a researcher, Sylviane was able to apply her knowledge and expertise to honing her business. Contributing to the success of Concorde Communications was Sylviane's attention to detail, the ability to test ideas, a willingness to be proven wrong, and her concern for the client's welfare.

Under Sylviane's exemplary leadership, Concorde Communications was quickly able to engage an impressive array of clients across the U.S. These include: MCA Universal, Mercedes Benz, Well Point/Blue Cross, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Raytheon Industries, Thompson Electronics, and many more. Within a few years, Sylviane Herzog became a "Top 100 Business Owner in LA County" and a recognized leader in the call center industry. Due to our impressive service record, Concorde Communications has also won the Award of Excellence multiple times, bestowed by the only industry-accredited association, ATSI (Association of TeleServices International).


We realized a long time ago Concorde Communications is only as good as its people—that if we wanted to establish the preeminent answering service and call center, we had to be prepared to find, train, and retain top-caliber talent. We knew unless we hired the best people, we could not reasonably expect you to make us an extension of your business. After all, our telephone receptionists are our most important assets.

Effective Training and Hiring

We start by hand-picking exceptional people who possess attention to detail and a natural, easy-going way with people. We then give them extensive training to ensure they're prepared to handle the most challenging situations, and they'll all know how to operate our equipment. We pay a generous wage along with medical benefits, allowing time off for school, and paid time off for charitable work. We even provide continuing education for motivated employees to achieve the four levels of certification by the Association of Telephone Services International (ATSI).

In addition to standard benefits, bonus incentives further help us motivate and retain good people. As a result, we have built a real team with professionals committed to making Concorde Communications the best it can be. That commitment shines through in the enthusiasm they bring to the job, and the excellence with which they perform-all of which translates into better service for you and your clients.

Responsive Management

The management team at Concorde Communications has expertise in every segment of our operation – from human resources training and customer service – to sophisticated computer/telephony integration. Our ongoing, comprehensive training programs ensure we constantly deliver excellent customer service in every aspect of the business.


From the first time we meet with you, we are about understanding your business - your corporate culture and personality - the dynamics that drive your revenues - and the issues you're seeking to resolve. At Concorde Communications, we believe every client is unique, and no single solution can work for everyone.

It's that personalized attention to detail that sets the tone for how we work for you. When we represent you, we want you to feel as if your customers are cared for in the same way as if you were answering the phone yourself. In the end, we don’t want you to think of us just as an expense, but instead see us as a key component of your overall business.