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Answering365 offers businesses in Cleveland a comprehensive suite of services including 24-hour answering, virtual receptionist, and virtual assistant services. Our highly skilled team is proficient in managing inbound calls, appointment scheduling, and customer queries, providing relief to your in-house staff and facilitating uninterrupted customer interaction, during and outside of standard working hours. With an unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service, Answering365 employs a specialized team of call answering professionals, aiming to uplift your brand’s standing and boost customer contentment, in Cleveland and beyond.

Live Answering Services That
We Offer in Cleveland

Message Plus

Message Plus represents our most economical service tier, perfect for businesses that want to ensure their messages are accurate and their leads have been captured.

Virtual Receptionist

Our Virtual Receptionist services come with customized phone answering and scripts. A team of professional call agents is always standing by, and they sound just like your own front office phone answering staff.

Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistants will keep your CRM or EMR updated, and will capture all of the needed information from your callers. They will also assist with creating IT tickets, managing your calendar and appointment bookings, and handling other required tasks.

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Benefits of Partnering With Answering365

Our Virtual Answering Services come with a variety of benefits that can transform the way you run your business.

Boost Your Lead Generation

One of the biggest benefits of our service is the ability to capture all of your leads. We ensure every call and every potential lead is attended to swiftly and professionally, significantly enhancing your chances for sales expansion and business growth

Focus on Your Business Growth

Our virtual answering service enables you to direct your attention towards running and expanding your business, rather than being shackled to the phone. We manage your calls, giving you the freedom to excel in your business. 

Save on Costs

Our efficient service equates to considerable cost savings for your business. There’s no need for extra personnel to handle your calls, saving you on salaries, benefits, and training expenditure.

Consistent Reliability

Our Virtual Answering Services are consistently reliable. With our teams available around the clock, your business will never miss an important call again. This high level of service can give your business a unique edge in the competitive market and help foster stronger customer relationships.

Why Choose Answering365?

  • Virtual Receptionist services available 24/7/365
  • Plans and pricing for every size business
  • Seamless integration with your office and staff
  • Customized scripts: We sound the way you want us to sound
  • Dedicated online client portal where you can update your on-call schedule and view your messages in real time
  • Professional call agents eager to serve your business and its needs
  • Appointments scheduled directly into your online calendar
  • Messages delivered on your schedule, whether in real-time or the next morning
  • Special handling for urgent or emergency calls
  • Bilingual answering (English & Spanish) available as needed
  • Personalized customer service.
  • For medical offices: HIPAA compliance

To learn more about how Answering365’s services work, click here.

Cleveland Industries That We Serve

Information Technology And Tech Support

In the bustling IT and Tech Support industry, your company like many others, likely handles a significant volume of calls. We are poised to assist in managing these numerous customer support inquiries that demand immediate resolution.

Contractors And Trade Professionals

Being a contractor or trade professional, immediate response to calls from prospective and current customers is crucial. We assure every caller receives a prompt and professional response, enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring no leads are missed.

Disaster Restoration

Your responsibility is to address the aftermath when homes and businesses suffer from fires, broken pipes, vandalism, or natural disasters. Our team is equipped to manage emergency calls, effectively conveying information to your on-call personnel.

Law Firms And Attorneys

Client calls, be it from your existing or potential clientele, may arrive any time of the day. Our dedicated team is always at the ready, ensuring all incoming calls are handled swiftly and professionally, building a sense of dependability among your clients.


The majority of your calls are likely emergencies. Your customers need immediate assistance. Our 24/7 answering service guarantees a prompt response to your customers’ calls, regardless of when they ring.

Small Business

A high demand is beneficial to your small business and you deserve a trustworthy answering service to cater to it. We provide 24/7/365 answering services to enhance your customer interactions, supporting a strong reputation and continued business growth.

Property Management

Persistent tenant satisfaction results in lease renewals, occupied properties, lower vacancy rates, and better referrals. Our team ensures every tenant call, whether it’s an ordinary query, a service request, or an emergency, is answered swiftly and politely, thereby boosting your tenants’ customer satisfaction.

Real Estate

As a real estate professional, you are likely out of the office most of the time. Our team, trained to manage various situations, can handle inquiries, set up appointments, and convey crucial information, allowing you to respond to calls efficiently.


HVAC companies operate 24/7 and must be prepared for emergencies. We convey information swiftly to you and your on-call technicians, enabling them to react promptly to every HVAC customer query.


Medical Support

  • Medical Answering Services: We offer your medical service a more efficient and less stressful way to manage appointment scheduling and other related inquiries.
  • Doctor’s Office: Patients require assistance round the clock. Not every practice can afford a dedicated team of receptionists to handle inbound calls, especially after work hours. This is where we step in.
  • Dental Office: Patients usually make their initial contact with dental offices via phone. If they can’t speak to a live person, they’re likely to look elsewhere. You need a backup answering and scheduling service to ensure you don’t lose new patients.
  • Mental Health: Every professional therapist struggles with call management. However, the profession requires every call to be answered on time – especially if it involves existing or new customers scheduling appointments.
  • Clinical Trials: Delegating your patient recruitment to our HIPAA-compliant call center is a practical way to keep your trial on schedule. Our team of seasoned professionals can help you meet your recruitment goal and maintain your study’s timeline.

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    24/7/365 call answering in
    English and Spanish

    Never miss a call, and with Answering365, communication issues are a thing of the past.

    100% HIPAA compliant operators,
    re-certified annually

    Your PHI is always secure and protected.

    Calls triaged using your

    Urgent calls are forwarded to your on-call team and encyrpted messages by the method you prefer.