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Answering365 delivers comprehensive 24-hour answering, virtual receptionist, and virtual assistant solutions to businesses across Los Angeles, CA. Our representatives offer streamlined handling of inbound calls, appointment scheduling, and customer inquiries around the clock, thereby reducing the pressure on your internal team and guaranteeing consistent customer interactions, during and outside of standard business hours. Utilizing a committed team of professionals, Answering365 steps beyond the norm to provide an exceptional customer service experience to Los Angeles businesses and those in surrounding areas, boosting your company’s image and customer contentment.

Live Answering Services That
We Offer in Los Angeles

Message Plus

Message Plus represents our most economical service tier, perfect for businesses that want to ensure their messages are accurate and their leads have been captured.

Virtual Receptionist

Our Virtual Receptionist services come with customized phone answering and scripts. A team of professional call agents is always standing by, and they sound just like your own front office phone answering staff.

Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistants will keep your CRM or EMR updated, and will capture all of the needed information from your callers. They will also assist with creating IT tickets, managing your calendar and appointment bookings, and handling other required tasks.

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Benefits of Partnering With Answering365

Our Virtual Answering Services come with a variety of benefits that can transform the way you run your business.

Capture All Prospective Leads

One of the notable benefits of our answering services is the ability to capture all of your prospects. We guarantee that each call and lead is dealt with swiftly and efficiently, amplifying your chances for sales and expansion.

Devote More Effort to Managing Your Enterprise

Furthermore, our answering services free up your time, allowing you to steer and expand your enterprise instead of being constantly attached to the phone. We handle your calls, enabling you to focus more on your business.

Monetary Savings

The efficiencies created by our service also equate to remarkable savings. With no need for extra staff to supervise your calls, you save on payroll, benefits, and training expenses.


Lastly, our answering services are known for their reliability. We are available around the clock, ensuring that your enterprise is always open to important calls. This level of dependability not only gives you a competitive edge but also fosters stronger relationships with your customers.

Why Choose Answering365?

  • Virtual Receptionist services available 24/7/365
  • Plans and pricing for every size business
  • Seamless integration with your office and staff
  • Customized scripts: We sound the way you want us to sound
  • Dedicated online client portal where you can update your on-call schedule and view your messages in real time
  • Professional call agents eager to serve your business and its needs
  • Appointments scheduled directly into your online calendar
  • Messages delivered on your schedule, whether in real-time or the next morning
  • Special handling for urgent or emergency calls
  • Bilingual answering (English & Spanish) available as needed
  • Personalized customer service.
  • For medical offices: HIPAA compliance

To learn more about how Answering365’s services work, click here.

Los Angeles Industries That We Serve

Information Technology And Tech Support

Being in the IT and Tech Support sector, your organization likely faces a high volume of calls. Our services are designed to assist you in handling the multitude of pressing customer support queries that necessitate immediate resolution.

Contractors And Trade Professionals

As a contractor or trade professional, promptly responding to calls from prospective and current clients is crucial. We ensure a swift and professional response to every caller, elevating client satisfaction and guaranteeing you don’t lose any potential leads.

Disaster Restoration

Your role is to restore order when homes and businesses are struck by fires, plumbing failures, vandalism, or natural calamities. Our team is equipped to manage emergency calls, promptly disseminating information to your on-call workforce.

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Law Firms And Attorneys

Calls from your existing and potential clients can come in at any time. Our dedicated team is consistently available, efficiently handling all inbound calls, thereby building reliability and trust among your clientele.


Most calls coming your way are emergencies. Your clients need immediate help. Our round-the-clock answering service ensures no calls from your customers go unanswered, regardless of when they reach out.

Small Business

A high demand is excellent for your small enterprise, and a dependable answering service is essential to manage it. We provide a year-round answering service to optimize your customer interactions, helping your business maintain a robust reputation and facilitating growth.

Property Management

Ensuring tenant satisfaction consistently results in lease renewals, filled properties, lower vacancy rates, and better referrals. Our team ensures that every call from your tenants – be it an everyday query, service request or an emergency – gets a prompt and polite response, thereby enhancing your tenants’ satisfaction.

Real Estate

As a real estate expert, you likely spend most of your time outside the office. Our team is skilled in handling various situations, managing inquiries, scheduling appointments and conveying crucial information. This enables you to process your calls swiftly.


HVAC firms operate non-stop and must respond to emergencies promptly. We ensure efficient information dispatch to you and your on-call technicians, facilitating swift responses to every HVAC customer query.

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virtual receptionist

Medical Support

  • Medical Answering Services: We offer your medical service a stress-free approach to scheduling appointments and managing other related queries.
  • Doctor’s Office: Patients may require help at any time. Not all can afford a dedicated team of receptionists for after-hours inbound call handling. This is where our services become vital for your practice.
  • Dental Office: The initial contact for most patients with dental offices is via phone. If they can’t reach a person immediately, they might look elsewhere. Our overflow answering and scheduling services ensure your practice doesn’t lose potential patients.
  • Mental Health: Therapists often struggle with calls. However, it’s crucial in this profession to respond to every call promptly – especially when it involves existing or new clients scheduling appointments.
  • Clinical Trials: Delegating your patient recruitment to our HIPAA-compliant call center is an effective way to keep your trial progressing as planned. Our team of experienced professional call center representatives can assist you in meeting your recruitment goals and maintaining your study timeline.

No-Pressure Consultation

    24/7/365 call answering in
    English and Spanish

    Never miss a call, and with Answering365, communication issues are a thing of the past.

    100% HIPAA compliant operators,
    re-certified annually

    Your PHI is always secure and protected.

    Calls triaged using your

    Urgent calls are forwarded to your on-call team and encyrpted messages by the method you prefer.