Running a business is hard. Organize it!

Medical practice has the ideal opportunity to impact the lives of its patients and employees. Here are just five ways for medical practice office managers to streamline the work.

Better Scheduling

A better procedure for patient appointment scheduling would benefit just about everyone. When front office staff is always on the telephone, they can’t give patients in the office their undivided attention. Likewise, the callers won’t appreciate being placed on hold or asked to call back  to make an appointment. Answering365’s medical answering service can provide appointment scheduling for your office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can eliminating these conflicts and distractions.

Reduction in No-Shows

When patients don’t show up for an appointment, they cost your practice money. Some medical offices overbook appointments to account for no-shows. It increases no-show rates and compound the issue. Patients never like being made to wait in a waiting room. An efficient office is always going to be more successful. Answering365 can provide patient reminder calls, which will reduce your no-show rates, save you money, and increase patient satisfaction levels.

Improved Communication

Communication is one of the drivers of a successful business, and this is undoubtedly the case with a medical practice. If your phones aren’t constantly ringing, your staff can pay attention to patients and each other. This will minimizes mistakes. Using a professional answering service can serve as a morale boost for your staff. It will also have a positive effect on patients. Patients will feel that they are receiving more personalized attention, which is a key to better patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Both your new and existing patients deserve the highest level of care possible. If they don’t get this, there’s a good chance they’ll go somewhere else. One study on patient frustrations found that feeling rushed in the office and being unable to get an appointment are two main reasons for patients to leave a doctor. Medical answering service addresses both of these issues, saving both your practice and your patients’ precious time.

Save Money

If you have a goal of saving money, you might think that hiring a medical answering service defeats that objective. The opposite is the case. Answering365’s medical answering service can eliminate many overhead expenses such as benefits, sick time, and paid vacation. Our professional answering services have saved clients an average of $2.8 million each month and growing.

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