It takes special expertise to handle the busy phone lines and often urgent calls any doctor's office or medical facility may receive during the course of a day or night. Answering365's skilled, capable agents have been providing award-winning service to the Medical community since 1989. From this extensive experience, we've developed the proficiency necessary to process critical incoming calls quickly and deliver sensitive information accurately to the proper staff. Our service gives patients the attention and peace of mind they deserve.

Why Choose Answering365's Doctor Answering Service?

  • Our Medical Answering Service and Call Center is based in the USA and is Nationwide.
  • We have a dedicated healthcare department specifically trained in medical terminology, call processing and compassion for the patient.
  • We have won national awards for quality and service-excellence for the past eight years.
  • We customize our services to meet your exact protocols.
  • We have senior managers on staff 18 hours a day, seven days a week to handle any unexpected situation.
  • We service the healthcare community nationwide.
  • We offer bilingual English/Spanish support.
  • Our team works in compliance with the revised Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  We are 100% HIPAA compliant with the new regulations

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There are many reasons why Answering365 has been recognized by the medical answering service industry for its exceptionally high standards of quality service to the healthcare community. All of our technology and software is state of the art with proven effectiveness in integrating with your systems. This fact, combined with our more than 20-years experience and dedicated, professionally trained staff, optimizes our ability to provide you with unparalleled support.

Our Doctor Answering Service can handle many applications, including but not limited to:

Call Answering365 today to schedule a free consultation that will show you how effective we can be in helping you reduce costs and maximize efficiency with our answering services for physicians. Our success depends on your success; we stake our reputation on it. Join our winning team today and take pride in the service-excellence we offer.

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