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Financial and Insurance industries ask clients to entrust their agencies with their most valuable assets. When our agents answer your calls, they’re specially trained for the unique needs of your account. These include how you want your calls handled and messages forwarded, and observance of your protocols for scheduling, changing, or canceling appointments.

Our answering service connects those incoming leads with your sales professionals. Our staff is trained to qualify leads, confirm database information, and seamlessly tie into your organization. You’re in the business of saving clients money and time. When you do the same for your firm, it makes perfect sense. Our financial answering service understands what customers want, and we have a great ability to make outsourcing a smart choice for you.

An insurance and financial answering service does many things well, including:

  • Our communication technology utilizes capabilities that formerly only big companies could access.
  • Provide live, immediate assistance anytime for clients seamlessly through your assigned database.
  • Daily records indicating who called, messages received, and our response.
  • Provide order-taking, inbound telemarketing, lead capture, and appointment setting.
  • Screening for client validation within your assigned database.

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In the insurance industry, 80% of calls received can be handled by an answering service using an effective database system and well-trained personnel. The 20% that can’t be handled by our service directly usually refer to the specifics of a claim where a claim analyst needs to respond to the member directly. In that case, we connect the two parties straightaway.

Some of the most common inquiries received in the medical insurance industry include: What’s the status of my claim? – What’s my deductible, and how much have I met? – I need to find a doctor or specialist in the network and make an appointment. Can you help me? – Why was this charge denied or not paid? – I have an emergency!

Most of these calls can be addressed to completion, assuming the database system is state-of-the-art, and communication is evident with the claim system back at the claim processing center.
Most claims indicated to our agent’s show when it’s been received, and if it’s “in process” or “complete.” The insured are likely to be satisfied with at least knowing the status of their claim.

Once a member has appropriately identified himself or herself, we can provide their particular plan’s basics to them (i.e., deductible; coinsurance; program enrolled in; exclusions; and, details of what’s covered). If the member has an emergency after hours, our agents can collect enough information so your claim team can begin working on the case when they return to work or contact us for their messages. This can speed the process of contacting the hospital and setting up direct billing. We’ll always adhere to your protocols to deliver the best service the way you want it.

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