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Government offices need to be run efficiently and with precision to get the best results. There’s always mountains of work to be done, and overloads can bog down even the best teams. When you’re ready to team up with a service with the capacity and ability to help manage even the largest government office, call us to help you develop a government answering service solution.

When we set up your account, we customize our services to your specific needs. If you have unique answering protocols or require text messages with all calls, we can do that. If you prefer, information is entered into an online database or requires calling trees with multiple people. No problem. Whether your agency is local, state or federal – our service is ready to handle you.
We can help you simplify your government office communications by using a live operator, automated support, or both. The “voice mail first” option will save your agency time and money by giving your callers a recorded message first, transferring priority calls to a live agent, and all other calls to a voice mail.

Priority notification can be arranged and changed at any time. You’re the decider. We just follow your orders. If you’re traveling away from your home office (ten miles or ten thousand miles away), we can notify you by e-mail every time you get a call. With our services, the largest to the smallest agencies can have voice mail service for all the employees.

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Why choose Answering365?

Answering365’s Government Call Center does lots of things well, including:

  • Locate and manage on-call technicians; dispatch them where needed.
  • Provide an information hotline regarding events or permits.
  • Maintain bid hotlines, dispatch hotlines, and handle general inquiries.
  • Dispatch important calls, and coordinate between those contacting you (including contractors) and the general public.
  • Provide a toll-free line that’s always live if telephone lines go down.
  • Efficiently process messages through multiple means (i.e. phone, text, e-mail, voice mail, and other wireless devices).

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