Hospital Answering Services

Our service provides streamlined communication for callers regardless of the time of day, whether the doctor is in or out of the office. Patients need to feel their hospital staff cares for them, and that there will always be someone they can they can reach out to.

Our agents provide hospital personnel an extra layer of support, while giving patients and their loved ones the peace of mind they deserve.

Hospitals and urgent care centers are filled with crises and challenges every day. Just answering phones quickly and accurately is a basic necessity. Since 1989, Answering365 has provided seamless backup and call-routing services for hospitals and urgent care medical clinics. We relieve heavy call volume that can overload a staff.

We do many things well:

  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation.
  • Prescription reminder outbound telephone calls.
  • Lab result notification for patients when results are ready for pickup.
  • Database management for emergency protocol and on-call scheduling.
  • Trained agents skilled in accurate message-taking and rapid dispatch.
  • Proper and prompt routing of emergency messages.
  • Effective emergency dispatch.
  • Provide clear pre-surgical instructions.
  • Meticulously track medical call activity and issue monthly reports.
  • Multiple pathway message processing.

answering service
answering service

Why choose Answering365's Patient Appointment Scheduling Service?

  • 100% U.S based.
  • Available 24/7/365.
  • Specializing in HIPAA compliant medical answering.
  • Multiple award-winning.
  • We tailor our services to fit your exact needs.
  • Bilingual Spanish/English support.