The customer is always right, and providing excellent service is each company’s goal. Are you searching for ways to improve customer satisfaction rates? According to a survey by RightNow, 89% of customers have stopped doing business with a company after only one bad service experience. Inadequate customer service might cost you business and significantly affect your bottom line. The good news is, you can improve both almost instantly by hiring an answering service. Here are six ways that a call answering service can help.

Provide Callers with a Personal Touch

If you are using automated systems to answer your business phones, chances are your customers find them unhelpful and confusing. When you use a professional answering service, you have live call operators available to speak with customers. It adds a personal touch and allows you to have a list of FAQs that the operators can instantly provide to your callers.

Around the Clock Support

Your company may not be open 24 hours a day, but you probably have customers who call at all hours. A call answering service provides around-the-clock availability, and your clients can speak to someone at any time of the day or night. This way, you can boost satisfaction levels.

Increase Your Call Capacity

If your company has high call volume periods, it may be difficult for your staff to keep up with all incoming calls. Customers don’t like being on hold or, worse, hear a busy signal. They may not even become or remain a customer. A business answering service can handle these fluctuating call volumes so that your company’s phones are always answered quickly and efficiently.

Have More Focused Employees

It only takes one instance of a distracted employee to potentially lose a client. Likewise, clients who come into your business don’t want to compete for attention with employees struggling to multitask with phone duty. A professional answering service can answer your company’s phones and manage calls during business hours so that your employees stay focused on their primary responsibilities.

Deliver Streamlined Messaging Services

Some calls to your business may be urgent. If a client needs to make an appointment, your answering service’s appointment scheduling service can handle this on your behalf. On the other hand, some calls are more urgent. In these cases, the call dispatch service will prioritize messages and deliver them according to your company’s specifications.

Offer Bilingual Answering Services

Effective communication is a key to doing great business, but not all of the people who call your business might be native English speakers. A bilingual answering service can deliver English-Spanish support so that these customers can experience the service they expect.

If your company is searching for ways to improve its customer satisfaction rates, hiring a call answering service could be the perfect solution. Answering365 is an award-winning professional answering service that will deliver the highest quality of service to your business and its clients. Contact us now for a free consultation at 888-588-9800   and to learn more about how our call answering services can help your business.