What Owners Want From Their PMC

Depending on your market, there may be quite a few property management companies for an owner to choose from. Based on some recent reviews, here are the top qualities that owners look for in a PMC. In addition, we’re providing some information about the many ways that property managers answering support can help.

Timely Maintenance

When there is an issue with a property, it needs to be addressed quickly and efficiently. Depending on the nature of the problem, you might need to contact the contractor immediately or wait till the next business day. There may also be times when you will need to schedule preventative maintenance.

The tenants prefer to speak to a live person right away no matter the issue, and the owners want assurance that it can be arranged. Fortunately, your property management answering service will be able to take calls around the clock and help your PMC manage these services.


A property owner doesn’t want to work with an understaffed or disorganized PMC. Instead, they want a partner ready to handle their property with care and the highest level of professionalism. When a professional answering service takes your calls, friendly and highly-trained call operators act as an extension of your business.

High-Quality Work

The practice of cutting corners will only lead to more maintenance issues down the road, which isn’t going to make tenants or owners happy. Much of this comes down to choosing the right contractors as business partners, and choosing them is something only you can do. However, you can delegate the management of the relationships with them to your call answering service.

Lower Vacancy Rates

Vacant properties are a revenue drain for the owners and their PMC. Owners often need help filling these vacancies, and your professional answering service can provide valuable assistance. Call operators can relay information to callers about available properties and pre-screen potential tenants according to your specifications.


One of the biggest concerns of property owners is a lack of communication from their PMC. Property owners and tenants want to know when and how to contact you.

When you work with a professional answering service, there is always a friendly voice on the other end of the line that can provide information, handle dispatch, and listen with an empathetic ear. You will also receive vital data from the call center, allowing you to provide better service to your clients.

As a property manager, your reputation and level of service matter. When you partner with the exemplary professional answering service, you will help property owners provide the best experience to their tenants and reduce vacancy rates.

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