The Top Outsourced Tasks For a Small Doctor’s Office

When running a small doctor’s office, it might not make sense to handle all of your business functions in-house. The truth is that your business’s primary focus is to provide your patients with the best care possible. Hiring full or even part-time employees to handle specific tasks might take away from the attention you can give to patients. It also might cut into your organization’s bottom-line results. So here are some of the top tasks that small doctor’s offices choose to outsource.


Most physicians’ offices need to advertise to attract new patients, but it can be too big of a chore to handle in-house. Marketing is also a specialized field, and most businesses are better off hiring an expert. Such a person can deliver the most bang for their advertising dollars. So unless you have a flair for PR and digital media, outsourcing your marketing is a good idea.

Medical Billing

Medical billing is a task that is time-consuming, complicated, yet necessary for any medical provider. If you decide to handle it in your office, you’ll need to hire someone who understands the codes and the laws that apply to billing for medical procedures. Many small doctors’ offices outsource this function to save themselves time and money.

Doctors Answering Service

Even a small doctor’s office gets very busy at times, and you want to make sure that your patients are completely satisfied with their care. A professional doctors’ answering service can be a tremendous help to medical practice in several ways. Your business’ phones can be answered 24 hours a day by a live call operator who acts as an extension of your business. Patients can request appointments through a medical appointment scheduling service linked to your office’s calendar. In addition, an emergency dispatch service can handle urgent calls while triage and call forwarding would be set up to your specifications. Other services could include bilingual answering services and appointment reminders.

Payroll and Accounting

You probably noticed how liberating it feels to have medical billing removed from your plate if you outsource it. Other typically outsourced functions are payroll and accounting. Unless you have a qualified bookkeeper already on staff, this is a task best left to professionals. Handling payroll and taxes correctly will help your office avoid possible financial trouble down the road.

Outsourcing essential business functions is an excellent way to bring your practice’s focus back to patient care and client satisfaction. Few physicians go into business interested in marketing, accounting, or other administrative tasks. A doctor’s answering service delivers many functions that allow your business to focus on serving the needs of its patients first. Contact Answering365 to learn more about our quality doctor answering services. Call us at 888-588-9800 for a free consultation.