5 Ways Legal Firms Can Cut Costs

Whether you are the managing partner of your law firm, a sole practitioner, or a legal office manager, you want to control your costs to maximize the firm’s profitability. Being in the red at the end of the month or with little profit to your name isn’t good business. However, there is a way for law firms to like their balance sheet by taking a few simple cost-cutting measures. Here are just five ways that your legal firm can cut its costs and boost its bottom line.

Lease Negotiations

Do you have any idea how much your firm pays per square foot for its office space? Is the rate competitive for the area? Perhaps your firm has either grown or contracted, and it’s time for a change. You can either attempt to renegotiate your lease for a better rate or find a more suitable space for your business. Sometimes, lease extensions can be used as a negotiation tool to get lower rates.

 Leverage Your Technology

There is a good chance that your firm already has access to technology that can boost your efficiency and save you cash. It could be the teleconferencing program that you started using over the pandemic. Cloud storage can cut down on paper and printing costs as well.


Marketing is a must-have expense for any law firm, but that doesn’t mean that costs can’t be contained. Carefully review your marketing expenses and see which ones are giving you the best return on your investment. If you are spending money on “feel good” items that aren’t producing results, this is an area to focus some cuts.


It takes a lot of expertise to run a successful legal office, but not everyone needs to be on your payroll. There are some essential services that you can outsource and save money on salaries, benefits, and desk space. These include IT services, copy services, transcription, billing, and some administrative support.

Telephone Service

One of the ways that you can both boost your office’s efficiency and save costs is to hire a legal answering service. Like the one provided by Answering365, a professional attorney’s answering service will answer your firm’s telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calls are answered to your exact specifications, and highly-trained call operators act as an extension of your office.

Your office can eliminate many overhead expenses with the help of a professional legal answering service. In addition, your clients will have the benefit of speaking to a friendly call operator at any time of day and night. They can schedule appointments or provide emergency dispatch services when there is an urgent matter.

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