How Tone of Voice Can Affect Your Clients and Your Business

Have you ever considered how the tone of voice might impact your bottom line? Owning and operating a business is hard work. You might be faced with various challenges each day and may not be at the top of your game every time you pick up the phone. Here is some background information on why the tone of voice is crucial to your business’s success.

What is Tone of Voice?

“Tone of voice” is generally defined as the attitude that a person conveys through words. Two people may say the same thing, even use the same sentence, but the message and the feeling expressed might be entirely different thanks to the tone of voice.

How do you convey a positive tone in your phone interactions?

  • Project a high level of energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter and the client.
  • Maintain a rate of speech that is temperate – not too fast or too slow.
  • Fluctuate your pitch enough to bring in a variety of tones and make your statement’s message clear.

Why Tone of Voice Matters for Business Success

Believe it or not, the success of your message often depends on the tone of your voice rather than your words. The same goes for your business. Professor,¬†Prof. Albert Mehrabian¬†from the University of Los Angeles created a theory about the elements of communications based on his extensive research. Mehrabian concluded that a person’s words account for just a tiny fraction (7%) of communication efforts. The rest is the tone of voice (38%) and body language (55%). Unfortunately, over-the-phone interactions don’t include body language, so the tone of voice becomes even more critical.

How a Professional Answering Service Can Help

Creating a positive, clear, and warm tone of voice on every call can be a tall order when you’re also trying to run your business. When customers hear your voice on the phone, they should be excited about using your products and services. Unfortunately, the wrong tone in a single call could undermine trust and confidence. In this area, a professional answering service can help.

Professionally trained call operators of the answering service will act as an extension of your business. The call operators answer your company’s phones around the clock, and every interaction with your current and potential clients will become a positive experience. Callers will reach a friendly and enthusiastic voice on the line that is ready to answer questions about your business, schedule appointments, or provide emergency dispatch services when needed. Find out how Answering365’s award-winning answering services can help your business. Call us a free consultation at 888-588-9800