"Law Firms using 'Answering365's Intake Services' see an average increase of 42% in new cases"

Answering365’s knowledgeable Intake Specialists will handle your calls with care and professionalism. Our customized call center services will help increase your potential client conversion leads no matter the size of your firm.

LargeLaw Firms

Answering365 can customize our services, to create a solution that will keep up with your firms’ demands.

  • Overflow for Current Office

    Answering365 can help you set "delay call forwarding", allowing new client calls to come to your team first. If the call is not answered in a pre-determined amount of time it will roll over to Answering365’s intake services team.

    When your team goes home, can depend on Answering365. Simply forward your lines to us after hours, weekends and holidays – we’ll make sure you don’t miss a call.

  • Intake Specialist for all your marketing campaigns

    Many of our clients run multiple marketing campaigns. Answering365, is ready for your calls.

    Answering365’s Intake Services can capture campaign data, so you know where your marketing dollars are going.

    We will complete the intake, and then email, text or direct connect to anyone of your staff members.

  • Bi- lingual

    Many large law firms service specifically to the Spanish speaking community. A large portion of Answering365’s intake staff are bi-lingual. We are staffed bi-lingual 24/7 so you’ll never have to worry about missing a new Spanish speaking caller.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    If your firm has an online calendar we can schedule consults or appointments for you and your team.

Small & MediumLaw Firms

Answering365 does more than just answer calls. We partner with your firm to help grow your business – all at competitive prices.

  • Extend your availability

    Need to leave the office for court or plan to go on vacation? Let Alert Communications make sure that all of your existing and potential clients can reach a live person from your office 24/7/365! Simply forward your office line(s) to us whenever you wish.

  • Lead/ intake services

    Some calls are more important than others. At Alert Communications, we can customize your account so that important calls can be patched through to you or someone on your staff. Non-important calls can be sent to voicemail or a basic message can be taken and delivered via email and/or text.

  • Complete virtual receptionist

    We will answer every call with your business name and then manage each call according to your customized call protocol.

Excellent recommendation from Law OfficeI cannot say enought good things about Answering365. I would heighly recommend their service to any business.

Nima, H&M Law Firm

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