Answering365's Live Virtual (Remote) Receptionist Answering and Call Center Service performs the same duties as a live receptionist, and can be used in lieu of a live receptionist or replace your own receptionist when he/she is on break, lunch, or vacation.

Our technology interfaces directly with your system in such a way that we are only an extension away from your own PBX system. When we answer your lines, we can transfer calls to the appropriate extension, or to a voicemail, manage appointments, and we can also monitor your emails or perform any other duties just like a regular receptionist would.

Nothing is compromised but the cost-savings to your company is significant with the added advantage that a live virtual receptionist is available 24/7.

Why choose Answering365' Live Virtual Receptionist Answering Service and Call Center?

  • Our Live Virtual Receptionist Answering Call Center Service is based in the USA and provides nationwide services.
  • We have won national awards for quality and service-excellence for the past eight years.
  • We save our clients on average $2.8 million per month and growing.
  • Our professional agents respond to calls 24/7.
  • We customize our services to meet your exact protocols.
  • We integrate seamlessly with your proprietary data bases.
  • We have senior managers present 18 hours a day, seven days a week to handle any unexpected situation.
  • We guarantee defined Service Quality Assurance (SQA)
  • Our call center technology is state-of-the art.
  • We offer dedicated or shared agents.
  • We offer Bilingual English/Spanish support.

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Our Live Virtual Receptionist Call Center service is much more than an answering service that just takes calls and sends messages. For the Live Virtual Receptionist Call Center service, we train our agents in depth to handle your phone lines just the way you would. This means we know your company's protocols, staff, extensions, and schedules in a way that allows us to respond to calls knowledgeably and professionally during business hours. After hours, we continue to process calls in a more traditional answering-service format and at that time we follow your emergency/urgent-call instructions. We are your partners in your communication- and customer-service needs.

Our Live Virtual Receptionist Call Center Service provides many services, including but not limited to:

  • Business hours call processing and call overflow to appropriate staff extensions.
  • After hours call processing with your emergency/urgent-call instructions.
  • Documenting calls and the outcomes.
  • Online interactive calendar appointment scheduling.
  • Message processing through multiple channels (i.e., phone, text, SMS, email, voicemail, and other wireless devices).
  • Reducing live staffing costs by seamlessly integrating with your PBX technology.
  • Choice of dedicated or shared agents.

Call Answering365 today to schedule a free consultation that will show you how effective we can be in helping you reduce costs and maximize efficiency. Our success depends on your success; we stake our reputation on it. Join our winning team today and take pride in the service-excellence we offer.

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