Few professionals know the meaning of “urgent” like healthcare providers. When you’ve got a real-life emergency on your hands, it’s difficult to pick up the phone when another patient in need gives you a call.

A medical answering service is a perfect way to ensure no patient falls through the cracks. Doctors, hospitals, and other medical personnel should be free to devote most of their time to those under their care. And, others needing assistance? They’ll be able to contact a team of dedicated customer relationship professionals, leaving no question or concern unaddressed.

The best medical answering service provider offers your practice flexibility, decorum, convenience, and immediate response at any time of the day. Here are a few things to look for if you’re seeking the right match.

1. 24/7 Support

If your practice operates morning, noon, and night, you and your healthcare professionals are likely very busy, even in the wee hours of the morning. The Answering 365 medical answering service offers support at all hours and on any day of the week. Your patients are guaranteed a timely and satisfactory response. 

Those working in offices adhering to ordinary business hours may benefit doubly from 24/7 customer support. Patients won’t have to wait for vital information; they can contact your practice no matter what time they call. 

2. Overflow Calls and High Call Volume

High incoming call volume may back up your on-site secretarial team, putting your office (and patients!) at a disadvantage. 

We can integrate our medical answering service into your existing office setup and offer backup when you and your team need it most. Patients can be transferred to a certified professional if and when needed. Our team of experienced representatives cares for those not in dire need of immediate attention.

3. Accountability

No-shows and canceled appointments are a terrible waste of time in any context—in the field of medicine, the value of this wasted time may end up being significant.

In our opinion, the best medical answering service is an extra safeguard for busy patients, offering them a friendly service reminder. A dedicated customer relationship team may also shorten the time between making an appointment and the appointment itself. 

This service reduces the likelihood of missed appointments and offers a higher quality service to those who show up for their scheduled visits.

4. Professional Customer Support Training

Even if you’ve already got an intake secretary or any other team member on-site to assist with scheduling and paperwork, they may not possess formal training in customer relationship management. These professionals spend their time doing specific tasks and may find their ordinary duties overwhelmed when many calls come through at once.

A medical answering service can handle inquiries and other incoming messages autonomously and over several modes of contact, if applicable. Simple information requests and questions may represent a significant daily time investment, and the best medical answering service is always primed and ready to oblige with picture-perfect professionalism. 

Your patients will receive friendly, attentive service, even when your clinic or practice is completely swamped. 

5. More Time Spent with Patients

We feel that you’ve worked long and hard to become a professional, and you can apply your skillset better when working with the patients in front of you. You shouldn’t have to worry about incoming calls. 

You have an essential job, and we greatly value your time and expertise. We’re here to offer you the perfect solution for both you and everybody hoping to benefit from the service you provide your community.

The Best Medical Answering Service Won’t Let Your Patients Down

Customer service experts do much more than pick up the phone—dispatching, triage, documentation, and more are all standard when you choose Answering 365.

To learn more about our brand of medical answering service, we invite you to get in touch with our team of representatives. We offer specialized agents trained specifically for this industry, so you’ll never leave a patient in need waiting on the line again.