Medical Office Answering Service

Medical providers understand that their job doesn't stop when the office closes. Patients have needs that extend well beyond a nine to five day, and some are urgent or life-threatening. Not only do you want to do what is best for each of your patients, but this is also now an expectation.

Healthcare is a competitive business. Most patients want and need to trust their healthcare professionals to be there when they need them, and when they aren't patients know that they can look elsewhere for services.

One of the busiest parts of any medical provider's business is its front office. Staff is asked to tackle a number of tasks simultaneously, such as checking patients in and out, medical billing, appointment scheduling, and answering phones. This can foster a chaotic atmosphere that may be not patient-friendly or inviting.

While many healthcare providers are reluctant to outsource certain functions, they later find that doing so has many benefits. Top benefits? Outsourcing allows more time and resources to dedicate to patient care - and at less expense!

Answering365's Medical Answering Services can help busy medical providers get more work accomplished in less time, create a higher level of satisfaction among your patients, and save your practice money.

Now that we have your attention, we are sure that you'll have some questions about how a professional answering service will benefit and work for your business. That's why we've created the ultimate guide to our Answering Service for Medical Professionals.

Read along, or jump to the section that interests you most:

  • Why Use a Live Answering Service?
  • Will Callers Know That They Are Speaking to an Answering Service?
  • Why Do I Need Medical After-Hours Support?
  • How Do Medical Answering Services Work?
  • How Will a Live Call Operator Know What to Say to a Caller?
  • Does Answering365 Provide Appointment Scheduling Services?
  • Can Answering365 Integrate With Existing Technology Platforms?
  • Can Your Call Answering Service Help Us With New Patients?
  • Some Patients May Not be Native English-Speakers. Will the Service "Speak Their Language?"
  • How Can I Personalize My Answering Service Options?
  • How Will an Answering Service Save Us Money?
  • Is Your Medical Answering Service 100% HIPAA Compliant?
  • What Technology Does Answering365 Use and Is It Reliable?
  • What Sort of Training or Experience is Required of Answering365 Staff?
  • Will I Be Asked to Sign a Long-Term Contract for Services?
  • Why Choose Answering365?

Why Use a Live Answering Service?

As a healthcare business, it's more important than ever that you remain accessible to your patients both during a regular working day and after-hours. A patient or their loved one who calls your number wants to speak with a live human as much as possible.

Callers today have an increasing distaste and mistrust of voicemail, with the belief that their messages will fall on deaf ears. When you use a live call answering service, a friendly call operator will always be on hand to answer your company's phone and give your patients the peace of mind they deserve.

Will Callers Know They Are Speaking to an Answering Service?

As the client, you can determine the answer to this question. In most cases, Answering365 will act as an extension of the client's business, so callers won't need to know that they are speaking with a professional answering service.

Why Do I Need Medical After-Hours Support?

Some of your practice's calls might be routine while others are more urgent. Answering365 guarantees an accurate and rapid response to both types of interactions with patients.  Our emergency dispatch agents have the skills and training necessary to ensure that patients are connected to the professionals and services they need when they need them.

If there is an urgent matter, such as an emergency pharmacy refill, we will follow your script and protocol with precision. We have the ability to forward secure messages via voicemail, phone, text, SMS, or other wireless devices, and will also document each call and its outcome.

How Does a Medical Answering Service Work?

You can use your new answering service only after-hours or around the clock. It's entirely your choice. When you partner with Answering365, you will simply forward your medical office's phones to the number we provide.  This will be a toll-free number that will ensure you avoid any long distance charges on your landline. By forwarding your phone, you also won't have to give patients a different phone number to reach your office.

Answering365 uses an advanced software program that will identify that callers are trying to reach your business so our professional call operators can respond appropriately.  Our highly trained and friendly call operators will handle the call on your behalf and according to your exact specifications.

Alternatively, our Virtual Receptionist service can provide a direct connection from answered calls, speaking with callers and connecting them to the desired party within your organization.

How Will a Live Call Operator Know What to Say to a Caller?

Many people have an image of call answering services of generic operations that deliver cookie-cutter solutions which are marginal at best. This is NOT how Answering365 treats its valued clients or your precious patients. We know that each client is unique and we have the experience and resources necessary to customize our message to meet your needs and requests.

Our friendly call operators are provided with information about your healthcare business, as well as your chosen telephone answer phrase so that services are consistent. Call operators will also have a template available to ensure that they collect the information you need from each caller, depending on the type of call.

Does Answering365 Provide Appointment Scheduling Services?

Yes! One of the most time-intensive tasks of a healthcare company's front office staff is appointment scheduling. We can either assist with this or take it entirely off of your hands. Our service has the ability to integrate with your company's calendar and handle appointment scheduling on your behalf - according to your specifications.

We can also re-schedule appointments when the need arises and make appointment reminder phone calls. By consistently reminding patients of appointments, your office can reduce its patient no-show rate, eliminate the need for overbooking appointments, and increase patient satisfaction.

Can Answering365 Integrate With Existing Technology Platforms?

Absolutely! Answering365 integrates with most major systems, depending on the needs of the client. Some of the top EHR systems that we work with include: AMiON, Epic, Cerner, Meditech, McKesson, eClinical, CureMD, Athenahealth, Practice Fusion, and Kareo.

If you don't see yours on this list, that doesn't mean we haven't used it in the past or aren't able to integrate it into our services. Please call us to discuss your needs and situation.

Some Patients May Not be Native English-Speakers. Will the Service "Speak Their Language?"

If you aren't able to communicate with a patient, they are likely to search out a provider who can. Whether your practice regularly receives Spanish-speaking clients or this is more on occasion, our bilingual English-Spanish support services can help you provide them with the best experience.

One of our specialized call operators that is fluent in both English and Spanish can speak to your patients in the language of their choice so you won't miss these calls or lose valuable business. If any other languages are necessary to communicate with your organization's callers, we can provide a solution.

How Can I Personalize My Medical Answering Service Options?

A one-size-fits-all approach isn't practical for most medical providers. At Answering365, our primary goal is to deliver the highest level of service to your business and its patients. We do this by satisfying the unique requirements of your practice.

When you sign up for our Answering Services for Medical Offices, we will speak to you about the nature and goals of your business. Let us know what your priorities are, and maybe what isn't as important, as well as the calls you would like treated with a sense of urgency.

You will also be able to customize your answering service greeting so that each caller hears the same personalized script when we answer the phone, just as if they had reached your office directly.

How Will an Answering Service Save Us Money?

Most healthcare providers pay their front office staff to answer their phones, and may even require some rotating after-hours coverage. When you operate this way, it is costing you more in overhead than it would to use a professional answering service.

Keeping phones in-house requires that you pay the salaries of staff as well as any overtime, benefits, and technology costs associated with these services. When you use Answering365, you can save money and only pay for the services you need.

It is also vital to consider the costs associated with missed calls and dissatisfied patients. Just one negative experience by a patient can have an economic impact on your business.  By providing greater accessibility to your practice, you can boost patient satisfaction, which can also lead to more referrals.

Can Our Call Answering Service Help You With New Patients?

One of the goals of your medical practice is likely continued growth. Patients are always looking for new healthcare providers, and one of the first things that they will judge you on is your responsiveness to their contact.

When a new patient calls and reaches the answering service, our call operators can provide detailed information about your services, including the various insurance plans you accept. If you prefer, we can also complete new patient intake forms and schedule these appointments.

Is Your Answering Service 100% HIPAA Compliant?

Of course. Not only is this a top priority when serving healthcare clients, it's also the law. Working with an answering service for medical that is just "a little" HIPAA compliant is asking for trouble. Answering365 remains a trusted provider of quality and secure answering services for healthcare clients because of its dedication to service as well as its commitment to full and complete compliance with HIPAA laws.

Answering365 integrates its privacy policies, technology, and other security parameters to comply with HIPAA standards.  Our service maintains the following to guarantee the privacy and protection of patient data:

  • Password Protection for All Data Access
  • Secure Digital Data Storage
  • State of the Art Secure Digital Messaging Systems
  • Secure Processing of Data and Voice Information
  • HIPAA-Compliant Information Transfer
  • Multiple Levels of Data Storage and Back-up
  • Emergency Back-up for Power Systems
  • Redundant Telephone and Communications Systems

In addition to the technical matters, all staff are required to take online courses on the Omnibus Law and HIPAA requirements as well as sign strong privacy agreements. You can have peace of mind knowing that your client and business data is safe and secure.

What Technology Does Answering365 Use and Is It Reliable?

Answering365 wants its clients to have the most reliable and advanced answering services available. To achieve our goal, we have made considerable investments in infrastructure and technology. By trusting us with your business, you receive the benefit of:

  • Lighting fast interface with all SCSI devices powered by DELL Power Edge Servers that use embedded Ultra 3 (U320) controllers.
  • Redundant hot-plug power supplies and PERC3/SC RAID controllers.
  • Redundant back-up systems and secure facilities.
  • T-1 lines with automated switch over, ensuring uninterrupted services, multiple redundant phone lines, and back-up power. Both on and off-site regular data back-up.  24/7 availability of full-time IT staff.
  • Digital progressive recording technology, allowing the recording of all calls for simple retrieval and efficient storage.

What Sort of Training or Experience is Required of Answering365 Staff?

Answering365 relies on having accountable and well-trained staff for its own success and growth. Each of our professional call operators is required to complete a 6-week training program emphasizing time management, verbal and listening skills, critical thinking, and telephone etiquette, all of which are designed to promote professional and efficient interactions.

Our company recognizes that conducting business over the phone can be a sensitive process.  It's not just what you say that matters, but how you say it as well. Each one of our inbound and outbound calls is digitally recorded, and we have a Quality Assurance department which ensures that there is a consistent level of call quality through accountability measures. We encourage clients to collaborate with our QA department to monitor and reinforce their desired results.

Will I Be Asked to Sign a Long-Term Contract for Services?

No! Answering365 does not require extended contracts from its clients. We encourage you to try us out through our free trial program, and we only request that you sign up for a 12-week agreement for services. Once this period expires, you are free to cancel at any time, without any fees.  We simply ask that you provide us with 30 days notice that you wish to cancel. We are confident that you are going to be thrilled with your answering services and the positive results your business will receive.

Why Choose Answering365?

Answering365 is an award-winning answering service that has been delivering quality medical answering services to satisfied clients for nearly three decades. We are a U.S.-based business that is recognized for delivering a high level of service to healthcare companies and other businesses throughout the U.S., paying particular attention to the unique needs of each client.

Answering365 has repeatedly been recognized as a top answering service by the Association of TeleServices International.  Representing over 350 global teleservices agencies and more than 350,000 clients, ASTI evaluates providers based on criteria such as accuracy, response time, the caller experience, courtesy, and overall service. As a repeat ASTI Award of Excellence recipient, Answering365 gives clients the peace of mind knowing that they are partnering with one of the top providers in the industry.


Whether you are a small doctor's office, a hospital, or a multi-location medical group, keeping your healthcare company running smoothly around the clock can be an ongoing challenge. The stakes are high if you miss an urgent call from a patient.

It's vital to remember that an answering service for the medical profession will not only save your healthcare company time and effort, but it will also boost your bottom line results in the long-term, allowing you to grow.

Answering365 offers a free trial so that you can test out our services and experience these benefits before you sign up.

Our team is standing by to provide you with a free consultation. We are happy to answer questions in further detail or provide deeper descriptions of the benefits your business will gain. Our goal is to help your medical company provide the best patient experience possible at the most affordable price.   

Get our medical brochure now to learn more about Answering365's Medical Answering Service.