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Answering365 is a premier provider of medical center contact services. Our professionalism, outstanding service, and helpful attitude will please you and your patients. Our dedicated agents act as medical appointment schedulers, which set us apart from other traditional answering services. The level of training in compassionate patient communication and HIPPA compliant call triage demanded of our agents creates an environment of excellence in service and care.

By Speciality


You have a specialized service and a specific way that you prefer to interact with your patients. We can meet any medical answering service or call center need within any medical field, nationwide, whether a single office location or large scale clinic.

  • Physicians & Doctors

    Since 1989 we have been lending our expertise to healthcare organizations large and small. Our award winning medical answering service creates an environment of HIPAA compliance and excellence in your organization. Our HIPAA trained, bilingual, medical agents available around the clock, seven days a week, partner with your team in a synergistic way to enhance patient care and the quality of communication.

  • Dental

    Due to the high volume of appointment scheduling and rescheduling, dental offices and clinics benefit by having a medical answering service. We manage calendars, messages, and emergency situations with precision. Our technology is custom created to interface with your existing systems and has won multiple awards for quality. We look forward to saving you time, stress, and money by creating a streamlined communication service environment for patients, office managers, and dentists.

  • Home Health & Hospice

    Answering365’s HIPAA trained staff delivers compassionate and caring home health and hospice answering services. Our staff has developed an attention to detail that is unparalleled in the answering service community. We are confident that we will provide you with the quality of care you not only expect, but need. We become an extension of your staff coordinators, relaying information between your patients, staff, and family members at a moment’s notice. Our 24/7 availability and scheduling flexibility permit us to update your plan as needed to meet the changing demands of your organization.

  • Pharma & Clinical Trials

    Answering365’ agents provide that extra level of service that sets you apart and delivers results.


    Patient Acquisition for Clinical Trials:
    We are well prepared to screen patients by walking them through detailed surveys and custom scripts in order to asses their eligibility for ongoing and future clinical trials.

    Patient Notification:
    Innovative technology and our caring and efficient agents allow us to notify patients of critical changes and provide information. Our ability to respond to changes quickly means that information reaches patients, doctors, and pharmacies right away.

    Response & Fulfillment:
    Our team can fulfill requests for literature or samples via email or regular mail.

    Complaint and Grievance Handling:
    At the outset, we detail protocols for resolving and recording complaints or grievances. This is one of the most critical aspects of successful patient and client retention, a duty we take to heart.


    Answering365 is an organization of professionals dedicated to changing the face of medical answering/call center services. Compassion and professionalism is what drives us. As a healthcare provider, you do your best to keep your patients satisfied; as an answering service, we do our best to keep you connected by absorbing time consuming and costly tasks such as:

    • Multi-facility patient care coordination
    • Appointment scheduling with confirmation and reminders
    • Clinical trial recruitment and retention
    • Event registration
    • Nurse triage telephone service
    • Marketing/ad response
    • Hospital switchboard services
    • Remote reception/call overflow
    • Interactive voice response (IVR)
    • After hours messaging and dispatching

By Type of Service


You need service 24 hours a day, and are seeking HIPAA and JCHAO compliance. We can create any program to meet your specific needs. Whether you need bilingual services, appointment setting and scheduling, secure data transmission, or lead capture, we will work with your organization to assist you.

  • Virtual Receptionist

    Medical facilities of any size rely on a vast amount of detail-oriented tasks to run smoothly and efficiently. Office administration, routing messages and managing appointments are some of the most costly and complicated tasks for medical professionals. Our HIPAA trained virtual receptionists will ensure that your patient communication is managed effectively so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

  • Medical Appointment Scheduling

    Whether its 12am or 12pm, patients need to reschedule appointments. Instead of routing patients to voicemail or directly to your cell phone after hours, allow us to promptly answer your phone calls and make immediate modifications to your online calendar. Your patients will reach a live person any time of day, every day of the week, who can schedule, cancel, and re-schedule appointments. Instead of trading voicemails with your front office staff, the entire appointment process is taken care of in one phone call.

    Answering365’s Appointment Services include inbound schedule management as well as outbound reminders via email and telephone, and our agents work tirelessly to enhance patient care through superior service. We support you and your associates with state-of-the-art technological tools that streamline processes and improve overall service.

    You determine how calls are handled.

    Your office establishes the protocols that guide our service-- be it scheduling routine or emergency appointments.

    Utilize the online calendar that works best for you.

    We partner with several online calendaring systems to offer our clients accurate, real time solutions. We’re also capable of working with the online calendaring or medical practice system of your choice.

    Change on-call contact information or other protocols as necessary.

    Our Client Services team works with you to oversee all aspects of your account but, you can call any time during office hours to make changes to your schedules, contacts, scripts, or protocols.

    Each agent undergoes extensive training on the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act and other health care laws . as well as the needs of your organization. We can offer dedicated or shared staffing solutions customized to fit your needs. We enhance your professional image with our attention to detail and superior service.

  • Medical Dispatch

    When emergency or urgent calls come through, your patients need to be able to reach you no matter the time of day or night. We guarantee a rapid response. Our emergency dispatch agents contact the right person for the right reason at the right time. Our agents are specifically trained to respond immediately to time and mission-critical situations with attention to detail and follow-through. We are able to process incoming messages rapidly, reaching you via multiple channels of communication including telephone, test, SMS, secured messaging, secured email, voicemail, and other wireless devices.

  • PHI Security & HIPAA Compliance

    Our custom message capture and delivery systems adhere to the strict HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations. We provide individual and private key encryption to transfer secure messages and protect PHI.


    To handle the volume of calls a mobile lab receives day and night requires special expertise. Our skilled, capable dispatch agents have been providing award-winning service to the medical community since 1989. We have developed the proficiency necessary to process incoming calls quickly and deliver sensitive information accurately to your on-call technicians. Our service enables you to provide contracted hospitals, clinics, convalescent homes and others the vital response they require 24/7.

    • We service mobile medical labs across the country.
    • Our agents are trained in medical terminology, including that used with a wide variety of lab tests.
    • Our agents process calls within the specific time parameters required by your contracted companies.
    • We coordinate your pre-established schedule, specialization, and territories-through our integrated GPS system.
    • We proudly offer fluent Bilingual Spanish/English support.
    • We are 100% compliant with the revised Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
    • We have senior managers present to handle unexpected situations.

    Our answering service gives patients confidence that they will be taken care of by experienced surgeons. We support your promotional campaigns by capturing all leads, screening patients according to your protocols, and scheduling initial consultations. Our skilled, capable agents have been providing award-winning services to the medical community since 1989. We have developed the proficiency necessary to process incoming calls quickly and address frequently asked questions, with our primary goal being to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation.

    • Our staff is specifically trained in medical terminology and patient care
    • We schedule appointments for an initial patient consultations
    • Our professional agents respond to your ad campaign calls 24/7
    • We customize our services to meet your exact protocols
    • We have senior managers present to handle any unexpected situations
    • We proudly offer exceptionally fluent Bilingual Spanish/English support
    • We are 100% compliant with the revised Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
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