Even in the Digital Age, Manners Still Matter

The digital age has made communication easier and faster in recent years. With our lightning-fast exchange of data, it can be tempting to throw out some details to get to the desired destination even quicker. However, neglecting manners and basic etiquette in business situations can be a costly mistake. Here are several reasons why manners still matter and how a professional answering service can help.

Manners in Our Language

Sometimes the first manners to disappear are the simplest ones like saying “Please,” “Thank You,” and “Excuse Me” to business colleagues or clients. If you find yourself no longer using these terms or hear others excluding them as well, see if you can make a conscious effort to add them back into your vocabulary – both verbally and in writing. Answering365’s call center operators are trained to be friendly and courteous with every encounter so that callers receive the best representation of your business.

Common Courtesy at Work

Are you finding a lack of common courtesy in your workplace? If so, you’re not alone. A recent study published by the University of Florida found that rude behavior in the workplace can spread like a virus, no pon intended. People often become stressed in a workplace when there is too much on their plate at any given time. Using a professional answering service can free up employees to concentrate on their core work functions. It might free us some capacity for being a bit kinder and more patient with others.

Are You a Punctual Person?

A recent article by Inc. discussed business manners and how being repeatedly late affects others and makes them feel disrespected. Perhaps appointment management is a task that needs some attention in business.

Answering365’s professional answering services can schedule appointments with clients 24/7 and integrate them into your computer system. They can also provide appointment reminders to your clients, which is a service that has proved to reduce no-shows.

Treating Others With Respect

One of the critical points to treating both co-workers and clients with respect is to give them your undivided attention when they are in your presence. Both tone and body language convey a strong message, just as your words, so having your head buried in technology or other distractions is poor form. To that end, hiring a professional answering service can help you eliminate those office distractions. Let someone else answer your phone while you are taking care of business.

Manners in business should never be an afterthought as they translate into both satisfied clients and happy workers. Consider how Answering 365’s professional answering service can help you achieve your company’s goals. Call us to learn more about our services or to set up a free consultation.