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Seven Reasons  Why Every Plumber Needs a Quality Answering Service

 Plumbing businesses regularly get urgent calls. When a pipe breaks or a toilet backs up, customers don’t want to leave a message and wait for a callback. But many plumbing companies are small businesses. They don’t have the resources to answer phones around the clock, leading to a lot of lost business. Here are seven reasons why every plumber needs a live answering service. 

Turn Leads into Customers

A quality answering service will be there to answer your phones 24/7, acting as an extension of your business. Call operators can answer routine questions and turn potential clients into paying customers.

Your business might have some great online reviews, an excellent social media presence, and a compelling website message. But when a potential client calls and no one answers the phone, your efforts might be wasted. Don’t let it happen! 

Manage Your Appointment Calendar

Appointment scheduling is one of the most requested services that can boost your business. Answering365’s call operators can schedule appointments with new and existing clients using your web-based calendar. Operators can also confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments with incoming callers.

Handle Routine and Emergency Calls

A quick response for plumbing emergency calls is critical to minimize damage and maintain the client relationship. Answering365’s emergency dispatch services can triage urgent calls according to your exact specifications. These calls always get top priority. The routine calls will be either listed for a callback or put on the appointment schedule.

Emergency Dispatch Coordination

When the urgent calls come in, Answering365’s Emergency Dispatch Answering Service will ensure that the right person on your team is contacted for the job. Callers will feel that they are speaking with someone from your company and receiving immediate attention.

Reach a Broader Client Base

When Spanish-speaking customers call your business for plumbing services, you could lose revenue if you don’t have a way to communicate. Answering365’s bilingual answering service provides English-Spanish support for this customer base, ensuring quality and proper error-free timely communication. 

Free Up Your Schedule

If you are constantly interrupted by a ringing phone you won’t accomplish much during the day. A quality answering service can take this task off of your hands. You will also have a piece of mind, knowing that somebody is accurately handling your schedule 24/7.

Save Money on Overhead

Believe it or not, using a quality answering service can save you money on overhead. If you’re answering the calls yourself instead of attending to your clients, it is costing you money. If you’re paying an employee to answer the calls, you are either paying overhead or tieing up one of your workers.

A plumbers’ answering service can be an easy and cost-effective solution for serving new and existing clients. Visit or call us today at 888-588-9800  to learn more about how Answering365 can help your business. We are a nation-wide, Los Angeles-based company, and we will be happy to provide a free consultation.

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