Why Would You Need Outsourcing?

Being available around the clock is the signature trend of the 21 century, and for many businesses, such as medical facilities that are responsible for peoples’ lives, it is a necessity. The necessity that is rooted in clients’ or patients’ well-being.

But behind this responsibility is the cost.

When it concerns their staff, employers usually take three things into account: training, scheduling, and health care insurance. All three can either positively or negatively affect their relationship with clients and are directly connected to cost. All three can also determine whether or not you choose to outsource your after-hour needs.


We can all agree that employee training is essential to any organization’s success. With a firm foundation rooted in good training, each employee and employer can be confident to tackles their daily workload. When that workload spills over to after-hours, it can become taxing. Do you hire someone else to handle that portion, or do you rotate your current staff? Do you outsource?

The answer is never easy, but looking inside the numbers helps. How much are you willing to spend to train another employee? The cost of training a new employee varies greatly. In one study replacing a salaried employee may cost six to nine months salary on average. Do the math. What are you willing to pay for after-hour coverage? Can you afford to stretch your staff into working the evening and overnight hours?


Time is money; this is a saying which especially holds true in scheduling. Proper staffing is essential, and traditional business hours are a thing of the past. When looking at your clients’ or patients’ needs, filling out the schedule allows you to choose a part-time or full-time employee.

Even when the doors are closed, the phone lines are open for most businesses after hours. That is the next big question: how to best staff after hours, weekends and holidays. Whether you run an HVAC company or a medical mobile ambulance service, your customers will call when they need you. Will you be available?


Let’s not get political, just practical. When you get hurt or sick, getting better is often not the first thing you think about; it is how to pay for it.

Annual premiums for employee-sponsored family health coverage in 2019 were $20.576 for a family and $7.188 per single coverage. In that same period, the workers paid an average of $5,955 towards that coverage.

As a business owner, one decision can make or break a quarterly report or a fiscal year. Profit is what you bring home after taking care of your clients and the people you employ. We are not here to tell you how to run your business but to remind you that you have options.

These three crucial components of training, scheduling, and providing health care insurance for employees are at the heart of outsourcing. Outsourcing can be the difference. You will train once, give them your scheduled times of coverage and pay no additional health insurance. The right company with the right fit can allow you to sleep with confidence and give your staff much-deserved rest. Think about it. Ask about a free consultation, collect all the information and then decide. Outsourcing is not a bad word; it might be just the right way to getting things done.

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