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    24/7 Live Answering Service

    At Answering365, we offer overflow call handling to assist businesses with call volumes that exceed their in-house capabilities. At its core, it is a safety mechanism that ensures no missed calls and a consistent level of service, even during the busiest times.

    Who We Cater To

    Our overflow call handling services cater to a wide range of businesses and industries, ensuring they can manage call volumes efficiently while maintaining high customer satisfaction levels. We are particularly well-suited for sectors where customer service plays a critical role in business success. These include healthcare, where timely patient communication is essential; e-commerce, which often experiences fluctuating call volumes; and hospitality, where superior customer service directly translates to business performance. Additionally, we support tech companies requiring technical support services, and professional services, such as law firms and real estate agencies, where every call can represent a significant opportunity.

    Furthermore, we extend our services to educational institutions seeking to handle inquiries, especially during peak admission periods, and small businesses aiming to establish a professional image without the overhead of a full-time call center. Our scalable solutions are also ideal for seasonal businesses, such as travel agencies and retail businesses, ensuring they can adjust their customer service capabilities in line with demand. By partnering with us, these diverse sectors can enjoy enhanced customer satisfaction, leading to improved retention and growth.

    Did you know that 80% of callers will hang up if they reach a voicemail? This means that having a live person answer your calls can greatly improve customer satisfaction and retention. With our answering service, you can rest assured that your customers will always be greeted by a friendly and professional voice, no matter the time of day.

    Services That We Offer

    Message Plus

    A professional call answering and messaging service suitable for one or two message recipients or teams.

    Virtual Receptionist

    Customized phone answering, scripts, warm transfers, lead capture, and messaging for multiple staff.

    Virtual Assistants

    Our virtual assistants keep your CRM or ERM updated, with more information captured from your callers.

    Enterprise Solutions

    Customized plans for large medical facilities and corporations with multiple offices.

    The Benefits of Overflow Call Services

    Reducing Customer Wait Times

    By diverting overflow calls to a dedicated service, you can reduce wait times and ensure that every customer gets the attention they deserve, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

    Maintaining Quality of Service

    We maintain high service quality, providing a consistent customer experience that aligns with your brand standards.


    For businesses with fluctuating call volumes, our overflow services offer scalability, allowing you to ramp up support during peak periods and scale down during quieter hours.


    Outsourcing overflow calls can often be more cost-effective than managing in-house overflow solutions, due to factors such as reduced infrastructure costs and shared operational expenses.

    Enhanced Resource Management

    By utilizing an overflow service, you can ensure that your internal staff focuses on high-priority tasks, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

    Why Choose Us?

    By choosing Answering365, you can be assured that your calls will always be answered promptly and professionally, no matter the time of day or night. Our 24/7/365 service means that you never have to worry about missing an important call or potential business opportunity. In addition to answering calls, we also offer a range of other services that can benefit your small business. This includes appointment scheduling, order taking, message taking, and more. Our goal is to provide you with the support and resources you need to succeed.

    Outsourcing your call answering to Answering365 also means that you can save time and money. Instead of hiring and training in-house staff, you can rely on our team of experts to handle your calls at a fraction of the cost. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to fit your budget and business goals. Don’t let missed calls or overwhelmed staff hinder the growth of your small business. Let Answering365 handle your calls so you can focus on what you do best – providing top-quality products or services to your customers.