For Legal Firms, It Pays to Get the Little Things Right

If you manage or run a legal practice, you know how much work it is and how competitive it gets. The typical lawyer works anywhere fromĀ 60 to 70 hours per week, and it could be even more if you are a sole practitioner. However, client service can make or break a law firm. Those who excel at delivering value will both retain their clients and also sign up new ones. Here are just three ways your legal firm can focus on client services with minor adjustments.

Welcoming Receptionist

Any law firm should instill confidence from the moment a client walks through the door. Someone should always greet visitors in the friendliest and most welcoming manner possible. If staff seem harried or dismissive, this will not set a positive tone for future interactions.

Comfortable Lobby

Your office’s lobby should be warm, comfortable, and inviting. Sometimes a client may need to wait if their appointment is delayed. The time your visitors spend waiting for you should be as pleasant as possible. Make chairs comfortable and provide a choice of varied reading materials. Also, offer other comforts such as water, coffee, and snacks. If parking in your area is a hassle or expensive, consider working out a deal with the building to validate parking for your clients.

Professional Answering Service

Aside from physical visits, a chance to make a good impression is when a current or new client calls your office on the phone. One of the best things you can do to boost client service is to hire a professional legal answering service. Clients want prompt communication from their lawyers above all else, and an attorney answering service is the best way to respond to this demand.

A legal answering service can answer your firm’s telephones around the clock, both during and after business hours. A live call operator will extend your business and answer calls to your exact specifications. In addition, the emergency dispatch service will re-route the call via phone, email, or SMS if a call is urgent. Otherwise, the call operators can schedule appointments on your behalf or provide some essential information about your law firm’s services.

Not only will a legal answering service free up office staff but it will also save you money. An attorneys’ answering service allows your legal firm to eliminate the salary, benefits, and overhead associated with paying a staff member to answer your phones full-time.

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