Product Recall and Crisis Management Call Center

A product recall is really the opportunity to talk one-on-one with your customers, engaging in a conversation that satisfies their needs and leaves them with the utmost confidence in your business. When forming your crisis management strategy keep in mind that your call center will provide the first point of communication with your brand and the consumer.

Why choose Answering365's Product Recall Call Center?

  • Our staff will deliver helpful, up-to-date information to customers
  • Our professional agents respond to calls live 24/7
  • We sound so much like you, callers won't know they've reached an outside service
  • Get parts or replacement items to customers as soon as possible
  • We have bilingual English/Spanish agents
  • We effortlessly expand phone coverage to meet call spikes during product launches or major sales events.

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Our team will work around the clock to ensure you and your brand convey a professional, responsible, and appropriate reaction to unexpected situations. Answering365's Product Recall team conducts (through scripting and tone) that your company is truly sorry, and you do care about the trouble (and expense) you've caused them, offering assurances that you'll make sure the same event won't happen again. The type of response we present is based around the voice of your company and your products. Our agents are trained to allay any negative potential with our professional discretion and courteous manner.

When forming your crisis management strategy, your call center will provide the first point of communication with your brand and the consumer. If you operate your call center in-house, you will probably be overwhelmed with the sheer call volume that will ensue after a product recall is ordered.

The costs to hire in-house call center agents after a product recall in a timely fashion may be insurmountable. Additionally, the brick and mortar cost of an in-house call center operation is an unnecessary expense you can avoid by outsourcing your call center services.

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Answering365's Product Recall Call Center will provide the following services:

  • Scalability - Our agents are fully capable of meeting increased call volume demands
  • Quality - We can provide a sufficient amount of quality agents with experience and expertise in your industry
  • Multi-channel capabilities - Our call center can reach customers efficiently and process messages through multiple means (i.e. phone, text, e-mail, voice mail, and other wireless devices)
  • Customized reporting and call monitoring - To ensure that call center agents are meeting your standards, calls will be recorded and monitored by account managers
  • Your callers (dealers/resellers/consumers/end-users) will get information and assistance targeted to their specific needs

The issue of "whistleblowers" needs to be addressed here. Our hotline services can also help you quickly detect and prevent product recalls by enabling employees to report in confidence--through our trusted third-party hotlines--suspected flaws, damage, even tampering (e.g. in design, manufacturing, handling, shipping and distribution. You will get these reports ASAP for immediate action). This is a good way, in a business sense, to do the right thing (and blow away some blues, too).

Times change fast, and product recall alerts can be spread rapidly through many channels in today's world:

  1. 24-7 media outlets are constantly on the lookout for product recalls and informing the public of new product regulations.
  2. Social media has made it possible for any person to become a live reporter through "news feed" outlets on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  3. offers a product recall mobile phone application that allows users to type the name of a product into their Smartphones and learn instantly if that product has been recalled or has any safety issues.

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