What To Look For When Hiring An Answering Service For Your Law Firm

When you hire lawyers answering service, the question to ask yourself is: do people who work there understand your industry and the unique needs of your business and your clients? According to the ABA Journal, over $1 billion is being invested in legal advertising as we speak. If a prospective client decides to find out more about your firm, you would want to do everything possible to capture their business. Here are several things you could expect a quality legal answering service to do when they answer the phone on your behalf.

Response Time

Every phone call should be answered as quickly as possible, without long hold times. Callers want to speak with a live representative who can answer their questions and address their needs.

The Tone of Voice

Many people who call law offices are already upset, so they need to speak with someone genuinely compassionate about their situation. The phone agent answering on your behalf shouldn’t sound overly cheerful and fake or angry and bored. There should be the right balance of pleasant and comforting yet serious and helpful.


Your firm’s calls should always be answered with a professional greeting so that the caller knows they’ve reached the correct number. A call operator should also use proper grammar. Saying “ya” or “yep” instead of “yes” is not acceptable and would paint your firm in an unfavorable light.

The Message

Statistics reveal that 72 percent of people in need of a lawyer usually have a specific kind of attorney in mind. Since you are receiving that phone call, the impression you give out is critical. Your lawyers answering service should have the information and skills on hand to build value for current and potential clients so that they will stay with your firm.

The Knowledge

Your call operators should sound informed and have more than a basic understanding of legal terms. They should also know as much as possible about your particular firm. This includes your areas of practice as well as the people who work in your office.


Your legal answering service should have the goal of providing satisfactory results to as many callers as possible. Some will require a callback. Others may simply need to get directions to your office, leave a message with the requested information, or schedule an appointment. These are all services that a professional answering service can provide for your firm and its clients around the clock.

More Questions?

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