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Answering Services for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Do you own a small business that is struggling to keep up with your daily work and incoming phone calls? You’re not the only one. SMB’s tend to miss a lot of calls, without knowing that these calls could be new business coming in. When the demand for your services are high, your small business deserves a reliable answering service to assist you with capturing new leads and improving your response time.

Save Thousands of Dollars A Year with A SMB Answering Service

Want to connect with (more of your) potential and existing customers in a timely manner – without sending them to voicemail and losing them afterwards?

If yes is your answer, a small business telephone answering service is the solution you need. The main services include appointment scheduling, message relaying and virtual receptionists answering all of your calls in a cost-efficient way.

At Answering365, we take pride in working with dozens of small businesses, providing exceptional answering services which include lead generation, order processing, call forwarding and many other customization options.

Having Too Many Calls and Too Little Time?

If you feel like you are wearing too many hats in your office and don’t know how to scale your business without spending too much money on new employees, outsourcing your telephone support to a small business call center is always a great idea.

This way, you will not only eliminate hang ups – you will improve your customer retention, too. In times when most of the prospective clients find it hard to reach businesses during or after working hours (and weekends), a call center that works 24/7 can give you round the clock presence.

A help desk support for your small business can help you effectively schedule appointments, attend to customer emergencies and gain a competitive edge over your competition. You will be able to generate more leads, make sure that no call is sent to voicemail – and invest in happy customers.

Our Live-Agent Small Business Service Handles All of Your Calls with Care, Efficiency and Attention

Our team of call center agents at Answering365 treat every business as if it was their own. Our goal is to become an extension of your in-house team, delivering sales, service and logistics solutions for a fraction of the cost of many competitors.

Bilingual, available 24/7 and offering numerous customization and personalization options, our small business answering service is much more than a call center. In a competitive marketplace as the one we are living in, customization is the edge that your small business needs to gain in order to succeed.

Want to know how our answering service can help you scale your business? Do not hesitate to call us today and talk to our experts!

Why choose Answering365?

  • Our emergency dispatch service is based in the USA and we provide nationwide services
  • We respond to calls live 24/7.
  • We specialize in time- and mission-critical call processing
  • We have won national awards for quality and service excellence for the past eight years.
  • We sound so much like you, callers won't know they've reached an outside service.
  • We tailor our services to fit your exact needs
  • We offer Bilingual Spanish/English support.

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