5 Ways You Can Impact Your Business by Focusing on Employee Satisfaction

The happiness of your employees affects your company’s success. According to the 2017 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), respectful treatment of employees was the number one job satisfaction contributor. 65% found this aspect very important, yet just 38% were satisfied.

Generally speaking, happy employees are more productive, more engaged, and produce higher quality work. Here are just five ways to focus on employee satisfaction and how a professional answering service can help.

Provide a Comfortable Work Environment

Workplaces should always be professional, but they don’t need to be cold. When employees are uncomfortable, they are not going to be happy and may even develop health issues. Take some time to evaluate your workspace for ergonomics and aesthetics.

Get Them Help

Just because your office staff can wear many hats, it doesn’t necessarily mean they should. In some cases, outsourcing key business tasks is in your customers and your employees’ best interests. For example, if you operate a busy medical center or law office, ringing phones are both a blessing and a curse. Using a professional answering service allows your office staff to take care of clients in the office better and handle other essential business tasks.

Have Consistent Values

Does your organization have a set of values that apply to the entire business? Treating people fairly, being socially responsible, and putting customers first are good examples. If your company is committed to sticking to those core values in good times and bad, this is one way that you can improve employee satisfaction. Business partners, such as a professional answering service, can help your business work to remain consistent with those values.

Continuous Communication

Employees don’t like to be in the dark about what is going on with their organization. Keeping the communication lines open to share both good and bad news is another way to stay connected with your staff. A professional answering service frees up time to allow this communication. You will also have a call center available for any after-hours messages or even disaster recovery operations.

Take Time for Fun

A business has a higher chance of success when employees work together as a team. To accomplish this, your employees must have a bond. Building a company culture doesn’t happen overnight, but you can help employees get to know each other by taking time for fun. Allow your professional answering service to handle your phones and plan an extended lunch or another event.

Employee satisfaction also impacts your company’s culture, which customers often touch in the areas of sales and customer service. Having happy people represent your business is better for your bottom line. It’s also the right thing to do for your employees and customers.

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