Four Ways A Professional Answering Service Can Help You Market Vacant Rental Properties

As a property management company, your job is to match vacant properties with individuals looking to rent a space. This task might seem simple but it can turn out to be overwhelming and time-consuming if not properly organized. Here is how a professional answering service can help.

Get the Property Ready to Show

Before renting the vacant property, you may need to do some cleaning or even repairs. Your professional answering service can help manage your communications with vendors to get these jobs done. 

Take Calls and Answer Questions

People looking to rent an apartment, house, warehouse, or office space, usually have a move-in date in mind and possibly limited time for a search. 

You risk losing this business if your Property Management Consultant is not available to take calls. Often, people have several properties on their list, and if no one answers the phone at your agency, they will move on. The live call operators at our property management answering service can fill this role and make sure you never miss a call.

Fill Out Lead Intake Forms 

You always want to make sure that you are getting the highest-quality tenants for each space. If your office gets inundated with calls about vacancies, you might need someone to screen them.

A professional answering service can fill this role. A call operator can fill out a lead intake form for each caller according to your specifications so you can begin pre-screening applicants.

Schedule Property Showings

Your time is precious: your workday is stretched thin, dealing with maintenance and administrative issues, and you also might need to show the properties. A 24-hour tenant answering service can access your online calendar and schedule appointments for the showings on your behalf. 

Attracting tenants for vacant units is enough of a chore; getting the best tenants is a much more complicated and time-consuming task. Fortunately, a professional answering service can help you screen the calls. With completed intake forms, you can help your clients fill the vacancies faster, producing revenue. 

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