Technology and Partners

Technology and Partners

Even though medical answering services are mostly about patients seeking care, our team of professionals depends on technology to maintain the high quality of service we provide. We do everything we can to make sure that your calls are appropriately answered every time — no matter what.

Call System

At the heart of our call center is Startel’s patented, award-winning, web-enabled Call Center System switch. Its advanced digital switching technology allows us to provide state-of-the-art messaging and voice processing, sophisticated automatic call distribution (ACD), text messaging, and PBX functionalities, all through a single, integrated system.

Moreover, regarding HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements, we can provide secured email and text messaging solutions for our clients and their patients.


We utilize Dell PowerEdge Series Servers with top of the line dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core processors and embedded Perc 6i SAS/SATA Raid controllers, which provide hardware Raid redundancy for the local storage systems. These features, combined with the hot-plug redundant power supplies and Western Digital’s local private cloud storage units, allow you to rest easy knowing your data is housed with maximum up-time and with redundant security in mind.

  • Electric Power – High capacity battery power supply in place. The site placed on the emergency restoration list used by DWP (Department of Water and Power) in the event of a power outage.
  • Telephone – Redundant telephone lines, landlines, and multiple T-1 lines and internet VOIP connections ensure continuous service. If one link goes down, calls automatically switch to another.
  • Data – Regular data backup, both onsite and offsite.
  • All System Support – Full-time professional technical support staff available 24/7.

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Cloud Pass-Thru

With Answering365, your messages are not stored in a cloud server. Answering365’s “Cloud Pass-Thru” architecture sends messages directly from one user to another. Messages are stored in encrypted format only on the mobile devices and desktop computers that you control.

Our “Cloud Pass-Thru” architecture is substantially more secure than our competitors’ “client/server” architecture because no PHI is stored or decrypted on the server. The client/server model of the competitors’ is less secure since it involves decrypting, storing, re-encrypting, and then logging all messages on a 3rd party server in the “cloud.” “Cloud Pass-Thru” messaging drastically reduces the possibility of a data breach stemming from human error.

Individual Public/Private Key Encryption

We use public/private fundamental encryption architecture to secure messages. Each qliqCONNECT user has a unique “key pair” for message encryption, and therefore only the intended recipient can decrypt the message.

With this fundamental security approach, not even our company, qliqSOFT, can decrypt the messages. Other secure messaging solutions use the same key to secure message communications for all users. They also decrypt all messages on the server and re-encrypt for storage. This dramatically increases your exposure to a security breach caused by a human error with a 3rd party messaging vendor.

In the “Omnibus Era,” the consequences of a HIPAA violation are high. Therefore, key encryption is the “best practice” standard, and the one healthcare companies should require messaging solutions. We adhere to this standard to secure Protected Health Information (PHI) while significantly reducing the risk of a data breach.

Contact Center and Telemessaging

ATSI – (Association of Teleservices International) is an international trade association established by and for entrepreneurs in the teleservice business. This includes telephone answering services, voice-mail services, and any other company which provides enhanced communication services.

ATSI Mission

To enhance the value of association members’ businesses by:

  • Promoting fair competition through the pursuit of appropriate regulation and legislation.
  • Providing research into and development of our industry and its current and prospective markets.
  • Providing support services.
  • Providing educational opportunities and resources to address the challenges and trends affecting our operating environments; and
  • Encouraging and maintaining high standards of ethics and services.

DMA – (Direct Marketing Association) is the leading global trade association of business and nonprofit organizations using and supporting direct marketing tools and techniques.

DMA advocates industry standards for responsible marketing promotes relevance as the key to reaching consumers with desirable offers. It provides cutting-edge research, education, and networking opportunities to improve the entire direct marketing process. Founded in 1917, DMA today has more than 3,600 members from the US and 46 other nations, including the majority of companies listed on the Fortune 100.

ATA – (American Teleservice Association) promotes and supports courteous, ethical, and relevant telephone communication between consumers and businesses. We encourage adherence and compliance with all state and federal laws pertaining to telephone and marketing communications. We also actively promote training and processes for our member employees to ensure that telephone marketing is professional and consumer-friendly.

CAM-X – As the national voice for the Call Management industry, CAM-X contributes to our member’s profitability by fostering a willingness to exchange ideas, experiences, and solutions while promoting the industry’s general welfare and ethical standards.

Industry Trade Associations

CAHSAH -(California Association for Health Services at Home) is the principal association of Home Health Providers in California. Their main goal is to promote high standards of ethics for their members, educate, and provide a legislative presence in California Government on their behalf.

MGMA -(Medical Group Management Association) is a coalition of more than 19,000 members representing over 240,000 physicians nation-wide.

Technical Organizations

SNUG (Startel National Users Group) Team SNUG is made up of industry-leading call center service providers and health systems utilizing Startel call center equipment. Members range in size from 3 to 100+ seats and work together to help each other succeed. Members are made up of people just like you, facing the same business challenges and opportunities.

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