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Most calls coming in to plumbing professionals are emergencies and customers need assistance right away from a reliable service provider. Do you have the phone support necessary to get more business whether you’re in the office or not?

Having a 24/7 live answering service to help with service intake requests, appointment scheduling and urgent/emergency dispatch is a “need to have” and not a “nice to have” service.

Contractor (Builder/Construction)

Salazar Roofing: “Answering365 has helped me serve my neighborhood for years.” Mike Salazar

Southland Construction: “I enjoy all the benefits of the great service provided.” Naomi

Dentist Answering Service

Healthy Smiles: “Answering365 provides the friendly, accurate service that we need.”


Duarte Family Dentistry: “We just love our service!”


Dental Office: “Answering365 is a helping hand, when ours are full.”

Barbara Lozano DDS

Disaster Restoration Answering Service

General Underground Fire Protection: “When things get hectic, the service always knows how to handle the situation. We really appreciate the service. “-Tom Sirrs, mgr.

Victor Valley Wastewater : “We are not always prepared for an emergency, but luckily our answering service is always there when we need them.”

Electrician Answering Service

Powell Electric:” Answering365 provides great service. Our clients are always greeted warmly.”-Jason (Office Manager.)

Allstate Electric: “We are glad we chose an answering service. It really helps!”


Emergency Dispatch Answering Service

Med-Cab Dispatch: “The service helps accelerate my ETAs by answering phone lines when I am out in the field. I enjoy the extra help.” -John

Preferred Home Security: “Not all calls are always urgent, Answering365 helps to screen and dispatch my calls 24/7 while I sleep. It’s great.”

Home Health Answering Service

Sacred Heart Hospice: “The customer service our patients receive from the service is awesome! We made a great choice!” – Clair

Good Company of Mary: “Our clients recognize Answering365 staff as our staff, and we enjoy the seamless operations of the call center.”

Legal Answering Service

Pensanti and Associates: “The service is very cost-effective and extremely courteous to clients.” -Rick B., Attorney

Law Office Of Demetrios Papanikolas: “Answering365 has provided my office with reliable service and my clients with a friendly greeting for many years.” -Demetrios Papanikolas Attorney-at-Law

Locksmith answering Service

Pop-A-Lock: “Business seems to be picking up, and things with the center have been great.” -Kenny (Owner)

Medical Answering Service

Dr. Washington Bryans: “My patients always enjoy the friendly conversation and speedy service that Answering365 provides.”

Laser Eye Center: “Answering365 is able to handle the large patient base that we have, and things have been good for years.”

Mental Health Answering Service

“My clients require caring and sensitivity, and your service really does deliver 100% of the time.” -Dr. Dan Shybunko

Dr. Fenster, Mental Health: “This is my first call center experience, and I really like the way it works.”

Plumbing Answering Service

Ford’s Plumbing: “Its good to know we are covered when we miss an important call. Having a call center really opens up my technicians’ time slots.”

Property Management/ HOA Answering Service

Hollywood Gardens: “Best wishes to Answering365 for continued quality customer service.”

Housing Authority of Kern County: “We would graciously recommend Answering365 to others seeking a reliable call center.”

Real Estate/Realtor Answering Service

Metropolitan Living; “The service handles my multi-property lines exceptionally well. Thanks!”

Playa Realty: “We have used the call center for years, and service has been wonderful ever since our initial start together.”

Small Business Answering Service

Chocolate Day Spa: “The call center does an excellent job of using our appointment setter.” – Kim Ardavi, Owner

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