You Are Always On The Clock

Burst pipes, overflown toilets, lost keys, and broken fridges always happen at the worst moment possible. In other words, when you manage properties, your job doesn’t end at 5 PM. Therefore, you might receive urgent calls at any time of day and night. In that case, it’s helpful and often cost-effective to have a procedure in place. A professional answering service┬ácan help you respond to emergencies and mitigate losses.

Provide a Single Point of Contact

Are you providing tenants with a long list of contacts to address each specific issue? If so, your tenants will have to figure out who and when to call. It could be confusing and could delay dealing with a serious issue. When you use a property management answering service, you only need one phone number as a single point of contact during business and after hours. The operators will have your list of vendors and they will connect the callers to the correct ones.

Fast Response to Urgent Matters

A delayed response to an urgent matter could result in damage and expensive losses. If you hire an answering service to take the calls, your service will notify you of an emergency immediately. In addition, upon your request, the operators can get in touch with your approved contractors. If the matter is not urgent, they can go into your system and file the call for you to address during business hours.

Detailed Incident Recording

Your company likely deals with tenant maintenance issues through a detailed reporting and tracking system, especially if you own or manage several properties. However, having duplicate reports of an incident or emergency could waste time and resources. Instead, a professional answering service can input data into your system to track and effectively manage these issues. Of course, all of it would be done according to your specifications.

Reassure Tenants That You Care

Some tenants may have an impression that their landlord or PMC only sees them as a number or a monthly check. When you provide compassionate and prompt service through a professional answering service, you reassure the tenants that you value their business. In addition, you demonstrate your desire to hold up your end of the lease agreement with a safe and functioning facility.

When you own rental properties, something will go wrong during the evening hours, over the weekend, or when you are away from the phone. One way you can handle these tenant emergencies with ease is by partnering with a professional answering service that will answer and triage these calls.

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