Communication is the key to success

If you own or run a security company, your main product is safety and peace of mind. Clients purchase and subscribe to your services to make their homes, property, and possessions safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When something goes wrong with one of those systems, it might place their valuables in jeopardy and undermind your entire business. A professional security answering service can help instill confidence and keep the lines of communication open.

24/7 Answering Services

Clients may call your business for a variety of reasons. It could be a potential customer trying to learn more about services, a client looking to have some questions answered, or someone having an issue. Each one of these cases will require your quick response.

24/7 answering service provided by Answering365 has a solution! A live operator will answer your company’s phone around the clock and act as an extension of your business. If the call is regarding a routine matter then our appointment scheduling service can place an appointment on your calendar. Otherwise, we will escalate the calls as needed.

Emergency Dispatch Service

When there is an emergency, both your team and your clients need to reach you right away. Fortunately, Answering365’s emergency dispatch service will attend to all urgent matters and triage calls according to your exact specifications. Our emergency dispatch operators are skilled at handling urgent calls with meticulous attention to detail while our state-of-the-art technology allows us to deliver SMS messages. It will give your on-call staff the ability to contact us with a toll-free check-in line.

A security company answering service can help you stay in communication around the clock.

Friendly and Professional Call Operators

Security issues can be stressful. When you use Answering365’s security answering service, you know that each call will be answered by a calm and friendly operator equipped with full knowledge of your business protocol and your call preferences.

Bilingual English-Spanish Support

In our increasingly diverse society, a business needs to be prepared to serve non-English speaking clients. Fortunately, Answering365 offers bilingual call center support so that your business can communicate with your Spanish-speaking client base.

Answering365 is an award-winning answering service that delivers high-quality services to a variety of industries throughout the U.S. Learn more about how our security company answering service can help your business; browse our website or call for a free consultation at 888-988-5800