Five Reasons Every Electrician Needs a Quality Answering Service

If you’re an electrician considering using an answering service for your business, you’re making a smart move. Every customer counts, and missing any call can put a dent in your hard-won business. An electrician answering service can help but consider a few factors before you fire: not all answering services are the same. Here are just five things to look for in the answering service.

24/7 Answering Service

In today’s fast-paced world, customers don’t always have time to make phone calls during “normal business hours.” No one wants to wait to schedule an appointment. It’s even more discouraging if a caller receives an automated message when calling into a business. Most customers will move along to another company if they can’t get what they need right away.

Emergency Call Processing

Emergency calls need a response immediately, especially in the electrical contracting business. When someone’s electricity is out, the situation is “urgent” to them, and they want their call answered quickly. Look for a company with emergency dispatch services that will respond to each call according to your company’s precise specifications. When there is a critical situation, you will be notified via text or phone call so that customers are taken care of promptly.

Appointment Scheduling Services

Not all calls into your office are emergencies, even after-hours. Sometimes customers want to schedule an appointment for electrical work or request an inspection. You will need an answering service with the appointment scheduling capabilities to schedule appointments with both new and existing clients on your behalf. The up-to-date state-of-the-art technology will integrate with your databases, eliminating any additional data entry after the appointment is scheduled. You will also receive appointment reminder calls, and your clients will be able to cancel and re-schedule their appointments.

Bilingual English/Spanish Support

Not being able to serve Spanish-speaking clients can lose your company a significant amount of business. If you can’t communicate with Spanish-speaking callers, they’ll find someone who can. An answering service with a bilingual answering service will provide English/Spanish support for incoming callers so that they feel comfortable hiring your company to serve their needs.

Money Saver

Too many companies don’t hire an answering service because of misconceptions about the cost. The reality is that using a professional answering service can actually save your company money. If you are paying staff to answer your phones, you also pay salaries and benefits and forfeit any other work that they could be doing. If you are answering the phones, you are not fixing people’s electrical issues. A professional answering service only charges for the services you use.

Answering365’s services have saved its customers as much as $2.8 million each month in overhead costs.

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