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A first-rate veterinarian answering service is essential for a modern-day practice. When a pet is injured or ill, the owner will feel stress right away. He or she will not wait long before picking up the phone and calling you. If your office is closed or you’re in the middle of surgery, we can manage your emergency calls and manage them professionally, just like one of your staff. Our staff provides veterinarians that layer of support and gives clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Our agents are trained to handle the many types of calls that a veterinarian will receive. We know veterinary medicine has its unique terminology and types of emergency calls. Our team is trained in responding to fearful pet owners with empathetic listening, soothing use of the voice to provide a calming experience to the caller. Efficiently record the problem, and act accordingly.

Once the problem is assessed, our agents will locate the proper person to handle the call. If the animal’s problem occurs after-hours, we’ll follow your protocols to:

  1. Contact you or an associate directly.
  2. Refer the caller to another trained professional (i.e., 24-hour emergency pet care clinic) locally who can correctly and efficiently accommodate the pet.

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