As a legal service provider, your time is valuable. We believe it’s best spent on your client’s needs, and spending hours answering phone calls and fielding questions may put all involved parties at a disadvantage.

Implementing a better solution can free up your time to focus on other tasks. One option is a legal answering service, which can ensure that someone always answers the phone at your firm. A 24/7 legal answering service provides your customers with everything they need at a moment’s notice. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is a Legal Answering Service?

Generally, an answering service is a team of trained representatives who answer the phone on behalf of another party or organization. They can help callers with questions, concerns, and simple inquiries. Answering services provided by trained professionals are available in sensitive, delicate, or high-risk industries, including the legal industry.

Even in this highly technical field, the right answering service provider can provide on-demand service agents trained in customer relationship management. Adding professional answering services could be one of the best investments you can make in your practice—you’ll never be stuck on the phone when your clients need you again.

Some professionals may worry about handing the voice of their practice over to a customer service representative who lacks a legal background. But plenty of 24/7 legal answering service providers can deliver high-quality service guided by the rules, ethics, and best practices you’re likely well-versed in yourself. 

The Benefits of a 24/7 Legal Answering Service

Fielding dozens of calls daily is not the best use of your time, but the first impression of your firm will come from that initial phone call. It’s crucial to provide high-quality service and responsiveness to those who reach out by phone. Your company’s success depends on excellent relationships and continuous care. Client intake tasks should take precedence in your office, and a legal answering service is an ideal solution that ensures every caller receives the attention they deserve.

Additional benefits of a dedicated 24/7 legal answering service include:

  • Constant availability and communication with your valued clients, including answers to urgent questions and calls made after hours
  • Access to trained service professionals who have undergone specific courses related to the legal niche
  • More time for you to spend on tasks that others can’t perform
  • A positive first impression when a new customer reaches out to you
  • Support during the times when you simply can’t accommodate callers’ needs
  • Bilingual call services for those with a diverse client base

A legal answering service isn’t limited to phone calls—many companies offer online support and resources. The data shows that more than 70% of customers prefer a live online chat for communicating with a business. Regardless of the communication method, a timely answer is often satisfactory. It’s recommended to offer every communication avenue to help your clients receive a resolution, focusing on the methods that they seem to use most.

If a client needs to speak directly to you or another legal team member, the answering service representative can transfer them to the correct line quickly and efficiently. Answering services can provide flexible resources, allowing you to remain focused on what you need to do without leaving a client feeling like they can’t get ahold of someone in your office.

Can Your Small Business Benefit from a Legal Answering Service?

A legal firm of any size can benefit from the advantages outlined above. Our advice for any legal professional is to implement an answering service when your incoming call volume encroaches upon the legal tasks you need to accomplish. If you find that you’re constantly working long hours just to break even, your firm’s productivity may suffer. Outsourcing your phone calls to a legal answering service can help you get back on track.

A supporting team can handle customer intake, appointment scheduling, and other clerical duties. Consider a call service akin to having your own team of secretaries explicitly trained to address various client needs. Your callers will undoubtedly appreciate having access to a live person who can address their questions and resolve their concerns.

Get in Touch for a World-Class 24/7 Legal Answering Service

Nearly 70% of consumers say that a positive customer support experience is essential to brand loyalty. Set up your small business for success by implementing a 24/7 legal answering service.

Our support team can answer any questions about our services and how we interface with callers. A quick conversation in a time of need may be the difference between a one-off transaction and a loyal customer who utilizes your services for life.