A virtual receptionist is a live operator who is a part of a professional answering service. They can answer your company’s phones either around the clock or the time you chose. Here are several ways that this service can benefit your business.

Live and Personal

Your business can save a lot of time and expense by automating payroll and promotions. Taking the personal touch away from answering your calls, however, may not be the best choice. According to a Harris Interactive poll, 75% of customers believe that it takes too long to get to a live agent in some call systems.

Most customers prefer to speak to a live operator who can help them resolve their issues right away. A virtual receptionist can provide this professional answering service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Problem Resolution

People who call your business have questions or issues they need to resolve, and virtual receptionist can handle these matters on your behalf. They can schedule and re-schedule appointments, answer questions about your business and provide emergency dispatch services according to your specifications.

Thoughtful and Kind Response

Operators who work for professional answering service are highly-trained communicators. They know how to listen to callers and will exercise empathy and compassion if a caller may be frustrated or have complaints. Handling these calls in-house can be stressful and time-consuming for you and your staff. A virtual receptionist can listen to your callers’ concerns, let them know they are heard, and assure them that they will get the assistance they need.

Time Savings

Besides what a virtual receptionist can do for your clients, they can do something for you and your employees. When your phones are no longer ringing nonstop, you will have more time to run your business. Your employees will have more work-life balance, and your company will be able to work smarter, not harder, to achieve its goals.

Technology is essential for some business functions, but there is value in having a live person available to speak with clients. One way to provide this service is a virtual receptionist.

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