Service: The Soul of an Answering Service

Today, surviving in business requires you to be good at what you do, but that’s not all. You also have to treat your customers better than your competitors. If you want to be competitive in your field, a good strategy is to concentrate on your core business and delegate support functions to quality providers. In the area of customer service, here are six ways that a call answering service can help your business rise to the top.

Provide 24/7 Service

If you are answering your own phones right now, you are probably only doing so during regular business hours and just five days a week. Doing business this way limits your service to customers. It might get frustrating when they can’t talk to a real person when calling your business. A 24-hour answering service like the one provided by Answering365 will allow you to serve clients around the clock.

Always Put Your Best Foot Forward

Have you or any of your employees ever answered your company’s phone when you were focused on a completely different matter? Of course, nobody would deliberately convey an unprofessional tone over the phone, but this is often the byproduct of multitasking. A professional answering service employs experienced call operators. They will answer your business’ phones with a friendly voice every time so that your business always sounds professional to customers and clients.

Deliver Customized Services

All companies are different, and you want to be able to deliver customized services to your customers. For instance, a call answering service can provide appointment scheduling services as well as emergency dispatch services. You can also use a bilingual answering service to communicate with non-English speaking clients. All services would be tailored to your company’s needs.

Provide Secure and Industry-Specific Services

Whether your business is in the legal profession, a healthcare company, or another service provider, you want an answering service to understand your business and respect your clients’ privacy. For example, Answering365 has a dedicated medical answering service and is 100% HIPAA-compliant.

Spend More Time Directly Serving Customers

When you or your employees attend to your business phones, it takes you away from working on your core business. Your current project will always take a backseat to a caller asking repetitive but still essential questions about your products or services. A professional call answering service can allow you to focus on your work without interruptions.

Save Money to Re-Invest in Business Growth

Most small and even medium-sized companies attempt to keep all of their support functions in-house. They seem to believe that this will keep costs under control. In some cases, it might work, but contracting out some services can save you money. Your company’s answering services are one example. If you’re paying an employee to answer your phones, a call answering service can save you money in overhead.

When existing or potential customers reach out to your company, you want them to experience exceptional service every time. A call answering service can ensure that this happens while providing some valuable services to your business. If you would like to have more information about how we can help you save money and grow your business, feel free to call us at 888-588-9800 for a free consultation.