Whether your practice is growing or you have a steady stream of long-term patients, managing the day-to-day operations of a dental office can be a challenge. While it’s essential that patients in the office be given the utmost care and attention, there are likely many others who are calling in with requests and questions. 

With so much to attend to during the day, you might be struggling to focus on tasks at hand while also answering a ringing telephone. Ignoring the calls could lose you a lot of business as a majority of callers either won’t leave a message or will hang up and never call back. Just as your patients trust you with their dental care, your business will run much more smoothly if you trust expert service with your phone lines. Here are the top reasons why dental offices use the help of phone answering service.

Accurate Call Processing

Accuracy is imperative when processing calls for a dental office. Whether it be scheduling appointments, gathering patient information, or verifying insurance, mistakes in healthcare aren’t tolerated. The professional dentists’ answering service with a reputation for accurate call processing and a staff of well-trained team members will help you to avoid the stress of constantly worrying about the accuracy of information.

Highly-Trained Agents

Providing exacting service requires a staff of highly-trained professionals. The professional medical answering service will have the staff trained in medical terminology as well as the many call processing scenarios that are likely to arise from a dentist’s office. Having bilingual staff available is a plus as well as the access to senior managers who can deal with unexpected issues.

Friendly Service

In today’s world of nearly infinite choices, it’s important to provide the highest level of customer service at every turn. Aside from this, it’s just the right thing to do. An effective medical answering service will have operators who are friendly and helpful 100% of the time, understanding that not all callers are feeling their best when they pick up the phone to dial their dentist. A professional dentist’s answering service can help increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Flexibility and Range of Services

Patients don’t always call during office hours. The access to a live answering service that can speak to a patient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is priceless. These services can make appointments at any time and can also serve as a dispatch service in case of emergencies. A scalable answering service also provides many benefits. A dental office can add such services as data entry and taking patient satisfaction surveys when the need arises.

HIPAA Compliance

An answering service that specializes in the medical and dental industry will be 100% compliant with HIPPA standards. This means that the provider has integrated privacy policies, security, and technology into their services so that both patients and your business are protected.

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