If you are trying to read this article while scanning your email and playing back last night’s voicemail messages, you are multitasking. As a result, while attempting to do three things at once, you are not giving any of the items your full attention. As a business model, multitasking does not work. Here is why using a professional answering service can help prioritize some of the tasks you have to handle.

Why Multitasking in Business is Dangerous

Many people believe that they are masters at multitasking. Some are to a degree: we all can drink a cup of coffee while reading your email or stuff envelopes while listening to the news. No problem, right? But you see, it works because you are doing rote tasks that don’t require much brainpower.

But when several different tasks require either concentration or decision-making, multitasking fails. In reality, the brain can’t process more than one thing at a time, so we are just quickly switching between tasks instead of multitasking. The most disturbing fact about task switching is that you can lose as much as 40% of your productivity by attempting to do more than one thing at a time. So not only are you less productive, but you are also more prone to errors.

If you have been handling your company’s phone calls amid your other work, there’s a good chance you are doing a disservice to yourself and your clients. It’s taking you longer to complete each task because true multitasking doesn’t exist. Possible errors in your work or client communications could also jeopardize your business. Fortunately, a better solution allows your business to stay on task and serve its clients better.

How a Professional Answering Service Can Assist

The goal of any business, big or small, is to serve its clients and grow the business. Unfortunately, multitasking long-term will not allow you to achieve these objectives. Instead, a professional answering service can help in several ways. You can give clients the attention they need and deserve with such things as 24/7 answering services, appointment scheduling services, and emergency dispatch services.

Handing your company’s phones to a professional answering service will let your company focus on its core business. Concentrating on just one thing at a time will ensure that clients get the best possible service with the fewest errors. In addition, friendly and professional call operators answer your company’s phones around the clock, acting as an extension of your business.

Your company may be multitasking because it is attempting to do as much as possible with limited resources. Unfortunately, it means you are less productive using this approach and could grow your business faster with an affordable answering service solution. Contact Answering365 at 888-588-9800 to find out how our services can help your company grow.