How a Call Answering Service Can Adapt to Allow More Transparency for Your PMC

As a property manager, you may have a specific way of recording calls and service requests. But to be in complete control of your business is hard when you hand over your phones to an answering service that has a cookie-cutter approach. So here are the ways that a reputable property management answering service can customize its services to allow for more transparency and better results.

Customized Services

Your property management company deserves to have a call answering service that acts as an extension of your business. IN reality, what it means is that callers may not even know that they reached an answering service. Working with such a company, you should be able to customize the services to best suit your needs. Such customization includes after-hours, overflow, and emergency dispatch services.

Technology Integration

Your property management company may rely on a specific type of technology to run its business and process service calls. The modern, sophisticated call answering service should be able to integrate that technology into their system so that you won’t have to perform any additional work or processing. Instead, you can simply log into your system to view messages, appointments, and new service issues according to your specifications.

Direct Contact

It can be incredibly frustrating when you want to speak with someone handling a part of your business but are instead can only access a gatekeeper. This middleman may or may not care about your issues and might not even understand your concerns.

One of the benefits of using a call answering service is that you will have access to the very people who answer your company’s calls. The designated call operators can answer any of your questions or address your concerns, giving you the most transparency possible.

Participate in Training

If your company has a particular way of handling calls, it might be challenging to communicate through several layers of company representatives. Instead of waiting for the answering service to “mess up” and then have to make corrections, you have the opportunity to be involved in training from the start.

If you wish, you can provide specific training materials or participate in training sessions with call operators before your service goes live. This will ensure that you get the services you want and need.

No one likes to feel as if they are not in control of their own business. When you partner with a call answering service, the goal is to make your life easier and not create additional problems. At Answering365, we specialize in creating customized solutions that serve the needs of our clients. Contact us now for a free consultation and learn more about how our property management answering service can help your business. Email us or call 888-588-9800. We are always open.