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Missed Calls: How Much Will They Cost Your Business?

You may have opened your business to provide a superior product or service to the public, and things are going very well. However, there are always a few little things that can undermine your success. Consider your company’s phones, for example. Your business might be so successful that you can’t find the time to answer all the calls. Yet, this could end up costing you customers and revenue. Here is what you can do to avoid unanswered calls dragging down your business and instead gain a competitive edge.

How Missed Calls are Hurting Your Business

It could be challenging to run a thriving business while staying on top of all the support functions. Yet, failing to answer your company’s ringing telephone can have consequences. According to the research, as many as 85% of missed callers will not call back, and 75% of people that reach voicemail will hang up without leaving a message. 

When a potential or an existing customer cannot schedule an appointment, make a payment, or get their concerns addressed quickly, they are likely to take their business elsewhere. It might not happen right away, but it will, and it could wind up costing your company hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost revenue. For example, a broadband company called BT Business in the UK released a study which found that the average missed call by business costs £1,200, or about $1,500. 

The Loss of Business Reputation Due to Missed Calls

The loss of revenue might not be the only consequence of a lost customer. Eventually, your reputation might take a hit if you can’t properly serve your clients. When customers reach voicemail or have to deal with a long menu of options, they get an unstated message that you don’t care about their call. Of course, nobody wants this effect on their current operations. Yet, it would be an expected outcome with companies that don’t make client communication a priority.

How a Professional Answering Service Can Help

One of the best ways to stop missing calls and boost your company’s reputation is to enlist the services of a professional answering service. It could help your company in several ways. First, friendly and highly-trained contact center operators will answer your company’s phones and act as an extension of your business. Also, your phones would be answered 24-hours a day, and customers can leave a message, get information about your business, or immediately schedule an appointment.

Your business and its customers are equally important. It’s challenging to run a successful company without top-level support, and Answering365’s professional answering service is one way to deliver excellent customer service at an affordable price. Feel free to contact Answering365 to learn more about our cost-efficient professional answering services or call 888-588-9800 for a free consultation. 

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