When ‘Music On Hold’ Goes Wrong at Your Law Firm

How many times have you been on hold and heard the automated message “Your call is very important to us,” while thinking it was the exact opposite?

As a business owner, you probably spend a lot of time marketing your company, trying to impresses the current clients and attract new ones . Your firm’s hold musi cmight be the last thing on our mind, but ignoring it would be a mistake. Fun fact: we spend around 43 days in our lifetime on hold! If it doesn’t seem right, let’s see how we can improve the customer experience for ourselves and others.

As we know, the devil is in details. If you have unpleasant sounding “on hold” music, you could be driving customers away.

Technical Issues With On-Hold Music

Can you hear me now? We like to think that phone technology has come a long way, but it’s not quite so. Most people today use smartphones for personal and professional communication. Regardless of the price of your phone, the sound gets muffled, interruptions of the reception still occur, and crackles get thrown in for good measure.

Even if you’re a big fan of smooth jazz, what you’re going to hear through a phone receiver will be the lowest quality jazz music you’ve probably ever heard.

 Encourage Callers Instead of Driving Them Away

When your clients are forced to listen to bad music while on hold, you’re making a lasting impression, just not a positive one. Even if your hold music is fantastic, your firm’s current and potential clients would much rather speak to a live person. The best way to provide this service is with a professional legal answering service.

When clients reach a human being on the phone, your firm’s level of customer satisfaction goes up.

A Better Solution With a Legal Answering Service

Using an attorneys’ answering service makes perfect sense. A majority of people call a law office when their needs are urgent. It means, they would like to speak to a human being as soon as possible. A legal answering service will answer your phones with a friendly and knowledgeable call operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When there is an urgent matter, the call dispatch service can handle issues according to your exact specifications. You can receive a text message or have the call forwarded to a number in your office. A legal answering service can also schedule appointments, make appointment reminder calls, and handle your office’s ad response.

Answering365’s legal answering services are U.S.-based and can help you increase your client base and manage your practice more effectively. On-hold music is an annoyance in any industry, especially when clients want to hire your office or find out about a legal matter. Eliminate this problem with Answering365’s attorneys answering service today. Call us at 888-588-9800 for a free consultation.