Pandemic Can Affect a Medical Facility In More Ways Than One

The ongoing pandemic has caused disruptions to regular office routines. However, if you own or operate a busy medical practice, patient care is your top priority. One way of taking care of patients is to respond to requests for appointments, medication changes, and various questions efficiently.

Using a medical call center allows a practice to answer and respond to calls promptly. Here is how a professional medical call center can help.

Fluctuating Call Volume

One of the most significant changes during these turbulent times is a fluctuation in call volumes. Many schools have switched to online learning which requires parent supervision. Families may wish to reschedule appointments and request additional medication refills. The regular cold and flu season is coming up as well, so there may be a spike in appointment requests.

Changes in Client Hours

The quarantine could also mean some shorter or longer hours, or additional closings for a medical office. A medical call center will have this information in advance and handle all incoming calls for your business. Answering365 provides 24/7 answering services and can deliver medical dispatch services and appointment scheduling services. While the clinic is closed, patients will be able to speak with a helpful agent who will assist them on your behalf.

Different Client Requirements

Answering365 acts as an extension of your business and handles calls to your exact specifications. Any temporary or permanent changes to the protocols can be implemented immediately upon your request.

Potential Staffing Issues

Many businesses could experience staffing issues due to massive lay-offs. Medical facilities have to function now more efficiently than ever. Dropped calls or long waits will not make for satisfied patients. Answering365 has used its historical data to forecast staffing needs during these busy periods. Our medical call center always has staff on hand to respond to your business ‘ changing needs.

Answering365 is a U.S.-based award-winning answering service that delivers specialized answering services to medical providers nationwide.

Our services are 100% compliant with HIPAA standards, and our state-of-the-art technology integrates with your company’s databases. Our high-quality answering services can meet any call volume level, and we are responsive to your changing needs during these difficult times. Contact us to start a free trial of our medical answering services or to give us a call at 888-588-9800 for a consultation. For more information Get Medical Brochure