How a Call Overflow Answering Service Can Help Your Medical Practice

Medical offices today are under a tremendous amount of pressure to remain as efficient as possible, respond to patient needs, and to adhere to safety regulations.

When patients call your office number, they are looking for immediate help with their issues. One patient satisfaction survey found that medical offices often struggle with handling the call volume. Here is how an answering service can help your medical practice better communicate with patients and provide a higher standard of care.

Stop Missing Calls

The best way to ensure that you never miss a phone call and don’t frustrate your patients is to use a call overflow service during peak times.

These peak hours are prime time to handle your patients’ most pressing needs and test the resolve of your office staff. Being too busy attending to patients, your in-house team might miss some calls.

If a client on the phone receives voicemail or a busy signal, they might hang up and take their business elsewhere. A physician virtual receptionist can answer those calls. They can provide appointment scheduling services or even answer some questions on your behalf.

Extend Your Operating Hours

Do you turn off your practice’s phones when you close for lunch or promptly at 5:00 p.m.? Unfortunately, these may be the only times that a patient is free to call your office. A call overflow service can allow your practice to extend its hours so that patients can speak with a human voice around the clock. When there is an urgent matter, the emergency dispatch service will have instructions on the appropriate means of contact.

Improve In-House Efficiency

When you attempt to handle everything in-house, your practice might not be as efficient as possible due to constant distractions. When your office takes the ringing phones out of the equation, the staff can better focus on their work, including providing the highest degree of patient care.

Deliver a Higher Standard of Care

The patients who walk into your office, deserve a positive experience. To be checking in or out and waiting for a front office person to get off the phone is frustrating. But if you use a call service, this situation can be avoided altogether.

One of the best ways to deal with high volume traffic and calls is to partner with a physician answering service that can provide call overflow help. Contact Answering365 at 888-588-9800 to find out how our medical answering services can help your practice meet its goals.