Decreasing Overhead

Did you know that rapid growth in a business is not necessarily a recipe for success? In fact, it could mean just the opposite. One study showed that, out of a study group of fast-growing companies, 75% either shrunk, went out of business, or got sold within five to eight years. Top reasons for failure include an inability to control finances and losing touch with your customers. Answering365 was able to work with a California-based company to help address some of these issues and ensure their survival and continuing success.

Clinica Sierra Vista is a non-profit healthcare organization that provides health care services to poor and migrant farmworkers in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The organization has 26 locations across three counties and offers medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare services. However, with time, the company’s mission of providing high-quality and comprehensive healthcare at an efficient cost was becoming threatened by several challenges.

Clinica Sierra Vista Challenges

Clinica Sierra Vista, with its valuable service to the community, experienced a period of fast growth. It operates as a licensed HMO and is supposed to follow the regulations of the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC). One of those rules mandates that all licensed HMOs provide their members access to medical services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clinica Sierra Vista’s main challenge was delivering this service to comply with this requirement while maintaining low operational costs.

Answering365 Medical Answering Services Solutions

Answering365’s team collaborated with Clinica Sierra Vista and provided a solution to their ongoing challenges. Their medical answering services operators processed each incoming call, determined each patient’s condition and referred them to the proper staff. Both during and after office hours, physicians returned telephone calls and pages within 30 minutes.

Answering365’s operators are professionally trained and understand medical terminology, and the services are tailored to the client’s exact specifications. As a result, the company can maintain the coordination and continuity of each patient’s care, ensuring adherence to all regulatory requirements.

Reduction in Overhead and Other Key Benefits

With the assistance of Answering365’s medical answering services, Clinica Sierra Vista has been able to achieve several things:

  1. The company remains in compliance with all DMCH mandates for 24/7 healthcare access.
  2. The organization has also been able to keep up with its rapid growth, reaching out to thousands of new patients in the San Joaquin Valley.
  3. It has maintained low operational costs and a high standard of service for this critical patient class.

Answering365 is an award-winning medical answering service that offers a wide range of solutions to its diverse set of clients. Their state-of-the-art systems are 100% compliant with HIPAA laws, and services are tailored to your company’s needs. We train our operators to take medical calls, and bilingual operators are available for Spanish-speaking clients. Contact us at 888-588-9800 today to learn more about our doctors’ answering service