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Your business needs to make a great first impression, then continue impressing customers to retain them. Answering365 shows callers the same professionalism and warmth you expect from your own staff, 24/7.

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Are Unanswered Calls Holding
Your Business Back?

First impressions are crucial to your business’s success — and often, those first impressions come over the phone. Your calls must be answered promptly and efficiently, no matter when calls come in. Unanswered calls can mean lost business.

But you know how things can get hectic in a manner of minutes; sometimes there are just more calls than you and your staff can answer. Maybe you’re relying on voice mail for those moments, but voice mail systems often just send your clients into a maze of automated messages. Your callers want to talk to a live person. When calls go to voicemail, many callers hang up, so you may be losing leads or making customers doubt your commitment to customer service.

Businesses that adapt to their client’s needs are businesses that grow. In this fast-paced world, every business needs to offer its clients continuous call answering during after-hours, weekends, and holidays. But you need services that are just right for your business.

Answering365 Is Your Solution

Answering365 knows that every call is unique and every business is different. We start by listening to your needs and matching you with the services that will best serve your customers, free your time and help your business grow. We offer 24/7/365 answering services with pricing plans and options customized for your business.

We understand the value of leaving your callers with good feelings about your enterprise. Our team has the experience and technology to handle all your calls, even emergent calls, efficiently and professionally. We agents represent your product or service accurately, with the same care you do, using a dynamic scripting platform and the latest database management tools.

Whatever your customers need and whenever they call, our experienced agents will serve them just as you would, providing callers with the information and support they need. They put an upbeat, professional face on your business and integrate seamlessly with your staff.


As a leader among live national answering services, we’re here to exceed your expectations. We’ll manage your calls and give your callers the highest level of service so you can focus on the most important tasks.

Our services include handling orders, surveys, telesales, sales support, information hotlines, and many other tasks. We are always there even when your office is closed. We also provide you with up-to-date progress reports.

Answering365 is HIPAA compliant and can also handle confidential and anonymous tip lines, whistleblower hotlines, and employee attendance (call-off) lines. Contact us to learn more.

Don’t lose another call to your competitor because you weren’t available. Align with our award-winning team and enjoy the peace of mind that our excellent service delivers. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a property manager, plumber, lawyer, doctor, small business owner, you can rely on Answering365.

Our custom plans and pricing begin with three
basic tiers of service:

Message Plus

  • 24/7/365 live answering
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) call agents
  • Custom message delivery
  • Messages delivered as you prefer, via phone, SMS, email, voicemail or other devices
  • Custom reporting and call documentation

Virtual Receptionist

(In addition to Message Plus)

  • Custom call scripts with your triage protocol
  • Emergent calls forwarded to your on-call team
  • Service request intake
  • Client portal

Virtual Assistant

(In addition to Virtual Receptionist)

  • Appointment scheduling through your own online calendar
  • Database integration
  • Email monitoring

With Our Messaging Options, You Get


Lower staffing costs


More leads captured


Improved work/life balance


Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty


Confidence that your calls are handled, anytime


Better customer retention & Peace of Mind


More customer leads captured


Improved customer service


Greater profitability

Message Plus features

Message Plus is our most economical level of service, ideal for businesses who just need to ensure their messages are accurate and leads have been captured. Our around-the-clock live answering gives you the option to expand your business and be available virtually 24/7.

After Hours or 24/7/365 live answering

Nowadays, people can access information in seconds. Almost anyone can find and contact your business with a few taps of their phone. This has created an expectation of 24-hour availability. Callers dislike the confusing maze of voicemail touch-tone options; they prefer a live person.

With Message Plus, you can say goodbye to voicemail and menus. Whether you need just some additional hours after your office closes or 24/7/365 answering, our call center team will reduce your waiting times, boost your reputation, and authority in your industry, and put a great face on your business. We are ready to serve your clients day and night, during the business week and on the weekends. Some customers prefer contacting businesses on holidays – this is another opportunity for you to stand out from the competition. English/Spanish answering Custom message delivery.

We aim to be a seamless extension of your business. With an after-hours answering service, your business will be virtually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We train our agents to understand critical aspects of your business, products, and services. That means your callers will always have a clear understanding of how you can serve them.

Whether you need just some additional hours after your office closes or 24/7/365 answering, our call center team will reduce your waiting times, boost your reputation and authority in your industry and put a great face on your business.

We provide you with after-hours and overflow telephone call support and lead capturing, so you can get away from the office without worrying about your calls.
Our award-winning services are available for your callers any time you can’t be. We are ready to serve your clients day and night, during the business week and on. weekends. Some customers prefer contacting businesses on holidays – and this is another opportunity for yours to stand out from the competition. We make sure you never leave your callers feeling abandoned.

English/Spanish Answering
Custom message delivery

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