Medical Appointment Scheduling

Medical Appointment Scheduling Services

Answering365 is your best choice for secure and comprehensive medical answering and appointment scheduling services in California.

When you have patients, who are place on long holds or have to navigate through an endless loop of dialing options, you have a very frustrated, stressed out patient.

We are here to provide your medical service a better and less stressful way to schedule appointments.

Improve Your Patient Experience

Appointment scheduling can be challenging. This is where our team steps in, providing comprehensive off-site scheduling services that takes care of your patients. We provide professional, cost-effective appointment scheduling services with our courteous and competent staff.

Let Us Make the Calls for You

Calling patients who canceled or referrals who never called in due to COVID19, is a necessary but time-consuming chore. Our highly trained HIPAA certified call agents can make scheduling and appointment calls for you, keeping your schedule filled and keeping you legally compliant.

Secure, HIPAA Compliant and With A No-Missed-Call Guarantee

As a patient-first and HIPAA compliant call center, we can help you stay ahead of the changes in law and provide a perfect scheduling solution

Ready to optimize your internal staff and get help from real experts? Learn how our award-winning medical appointment schedulers can help you provide better patient care.

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Why choose Answering365's Patient Appointment Scheduling Service?

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