Outbound Medical Appointment Scheduling

Outbound Medical Appointment Scheduling Services

Outbound Medical Scheduling

Medical offices and hospitals of all sizes can use an outbound scheduling service to improve patient satisfaction while reducing the risk of any liability related to patient abandonment. At Answering365, we have decades of experience assisting medical professionals by delivering appointment scheduling services that are affordable and fully customizable.

We offer appointment scheduling services 24/7/365. Our specialized service can help you save time, improve efficiency while improving patient satisfaction.

Stay Compliant

Our outbound scheduling agents will call your patients and ensure the required number of calls are made, and these interactions are accurately logged into your scheduling platform.  You’ll never have to worry about patient abandonment claims again.

With us, your patients can get their appointments scheduled quickly and without delay. Powered by the latest technology and professional agents, our outbound scheduling services ensure that no call is missed, and all appointments are accurately scheduled.

Keep Your Schedule Full and Your Practice Going in These Tough Times

Patients who canceled due to COVID-19 concerns are more likely to reschedule if a friendly agent is reassuring them about your safety measures. Our scheduling agents have the training and experience necessary to keep your calendar full and patients comfortable as medical offices begin to open back up.

We can also offer Appointment Reminder services for confirmations, as well as an option for online re-scheduling.

Keep Your Practice Safe While Saving Money

Adding extra staff to make and receive scheduling calls is expensive at the best of times. Now each new hire means ensuring all your staff is socially distanced, tested for COVID, and stays compliant with CDC guidelines.

Many medical practices are not aware of the value of outbound scheduling. With Answering365, you are getting a team to handle your scheduling needs and a team that can help improve patient satisfaction with personalized services to your patients.

EHR Scheduler Integration

EHR Scheduling is one of the most efficient healthcare scheduling platforms that are stable and easy to build on. At Answering365, we fully support HER integration and help your patients choose from a range of medical appointment scheduling solutions.

We have extensive experience with the most commonly used EHR Scheduling platforms and the more specialized EHR systems. We can accommodate your system, whether you require a virtual private network (VPN) or have an encrypted cloud-based platform.

A Range of Custom Options

Let us know how and when you would like us to schedule appointments, and we will follow your specifications. Call us today at 888-588-9800, and let’s discuss your outbound scheduling needs.

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