How A Medical Appointment Setting Service Can Help Your Practice

Proper medical care, especially under extreme pressure we are experiencing right now, requires effective communication between the provider and their patients. Not only do patients need information about their care, but they may also need help with administrative matters. All this has to take place under the umbrella of regulations that protect patients’ privacy. Here is how our medical answering services can help.

Appointment Scheduling Services

Most clinics and hospitals have a large staff dedicated to scheduling appointments and making reminder phone calls. This time-consuming task creates an inefficient use of overhead. Our medical answering service can schedule appointments for patients as well as make appointment reminder calls. 

Emergency Dispatch Services

When a patient is sent home from the hospital, they may feel sick again or experience a medical emergency. There are times when patients or their loved ones aren’t sure whether to call the hospital or dial 911. If they do call the hospital, Answering365 can improve the patient experience with medical dispatch service. Our highly-trained call operators will triage patient calls and help distinguish between those that need a callback and the ones that are a true emergency.

EHR-Enabled Communication

Patient information is now governed by HIPAA regulations, which make sure all patient data is secure. Answering365 is fully HIPAA-compliant and uses EHR-facilitated calls, which means we have information about the best times to contact patients, who their primary care physicians are, and any appointments that are currently on the schedule.

Bilingual Call Operators

When patients can’t communicate because of a language barrier, a patient might not be able to get clear pre-appointment instructions or even pre-register for their appointment because the person on the other end of the line only speaks English. According to a report from NewVoice, 58% of customers will refuse to use a business again after a negative experience. Our bilingual call answering service can improve patient communication by breaking down this language barrier for a clinic or hospital’s patients.

Pre- and Post Surgical Calls

When a patient needs to enter the hospital for any surgical procedure, there are usually pre- and post-surgical instructions. They involve phone calls to the patient with explanations and answers to questions. A professional medical answering service can make those patient calls, provide customized information to patients, answer basic questions, and relay other questions to the medical provider for a callback.

Communication in any healthcare setting is essential, but it is mainly so when a patient needs hospital care. Answering365 is an industry leader in medical answering services and appointment setting.

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