What is Call Overflow

Any call that cannot be answered immediately is considered an overflow call. When a shop, an office, or a medical facility gets busy and doesn’t have enough staff members to pick up the phone that is when we have to leave a message or call back later. One thing is when there is no urgency and our issue can wait but when we need a solution immediately or don’t have a whole day to wait for our question to be answered, that is when it becomes a problem. As a business owner, every overflow call can mean a loss of a new client, a bad online review from a current customer, and, as a result, a decline in revenue. 

Why Accessibility is Vital For Any Business

In the not-too-recent past, when calling any office during lunchtime or in the evening, it was expected to hear an answering machine telling you to call back “during normal business hours.” In today’s connected world, business owners and medical providers must step up their game in various ways. One method of providing better customer care is using an answering service to solve call overflow issues and offer 24/7 accessibility.

Putting Customers and Patients First

The unpleasant fact of life is that sometimes we all need help in one way or another, and our problems seem to choose the most inconvenient moments to manifest themselves. It could be an everyday issue such as needing to find a plumber or a more concerning situation like a health problem. One thing that nobody needs in their life is battling for appointments, having to leave messages, and waiting for responses. When a business uses an answering service, they can put each customer’s needs first, and when that service delivers 24/7 accessibility, the effect is even more dramatic.

The Downside of Automated Services

Have you considered using an automated system instead of a live operator for your business’s answering service? If so, you may want to think twice before moving ahead. It’s a fact that consumers and patients abhor automated phone systems. When a customer wants to speak to a professional or schedule an appointment, the last thing they want is to “Press 1 for more options” or call back at a different time.

Never Miss Important Calls

A business owner or doctor who wants to serve their clients and deliver the best possible level of care understands that communication is critical. An answering service that offers 24/7 accessibility is the best way to provide this high level of service. During office hours, the key office staff would be available to take care of customers with appointments and assist them in every way possible and necessary. After hours, the customers and patients can call in with issues, have their questions answered, schedule appointments with the call center professionals, and if necessary, be transferred to the business’s on-call staff.

Answering365 is a US-based award-winning answering service that provides 24/7 answering services to various businesses. If you would like to learn more about how using the service can reduce your business’s call overflow, please call us at 888-588-9800 for a free consultation.